open house

Mr. Right and I attended the Griot’s Garage open house. It was a privilege and pleasure. It was one of the nicest, well thought out, luxurious office/garage/cafe/store that we have ever been to.

We felt extremely lucky to have been included. With such nice cars (in the museum setting inside the building) and everything brand new, you just “knew” you were experiencing something over the top special. So much thought was evident in every single detail. From the bathroom doors and the mailboxes outside each office, to the pavement outdoors & the opulent employee café, no detail was overlooked .

It was so great to get to see our son’s new office. It was sort of like and upscale open house at school night. Everyone’s desks were cleaned up and organized. Everyone brought their parents/grandparents. Every single person that I over heard talking was so proud of the new “digs”. Every single employee used impeccable good manners and respect. While inside his new office we gave him a color coordinated new candy jar. His wife gave him a double frame of the new baby to be and one picture of her. It was a really quiet, unique family moment. It was really good.

It was breathtaking and amazing.

That old saying, “money can’t buy class”…………well if the person has class to begin with then weaves that together with quite a bit of money………the end result is just beautiful.

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  1. Thank you for coming by! We are all very proud of our new office and glad we could share a little of our world with you guys.-dustin

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