…and then I don’t feel so bad.

some favorite things

the sound of the garage door opening (that means Mr. Right is home)
when we have both suitcases laid out on top of the bed and are filling them (we are going traveling)
planning a trip with Mr. Right
conversely talking about trips we have taken together, over and over and over and looking at pictures
fresh cut grass with a manicured lawn
fresh pedicure
buying fresh roasted coffee beans
“putting up” lots and lots of bags or jars of veggies or fruits or jams
making v-19 juice
matching stacked mixing bowls
freshly made warm peanut butter coming out of our juicer
walking in high heels over thick carpeting at church
the smell of an old fashioned fabric (only) sewing store
the breathless sound of our kids calling to tell us some great news that just have to share with us
setting a really over the top dinner table
the sound of the juicer motor
that last stitch in a completed quilt at 2 in the morning
studying and then going to an exhibit with Mr. Right
watching our “kids” find their way, happily
working together on a project to give to some un-expecting young person, for no reason
before and after pictures
bringing in a basket of fresh picked produce
walking our dog
riding my bike
my wicker basket on my bike with yellow silk flowers spilling out
oatmeal every morning
popcorn always
rolling pin collection
walking on ritz crackers in bare feet on concrete
Polish pottery
perfectly made bed
after a fancy “grown up” dinner or occasion, stopping at a 7-11 for slurpees in our dress up clothes
Lugging home a huge & heavy book bag from the library
“cracking open” a new book
well organized pantry
eating an ice cream novelty outside late at night in the summer
a plate of freshly made appetizers ready and waiting
anticipating and then reading my note each morning
counted cross stitch, quilting, playing the piano
wearing high heels
watching Bruce ice skate
studying a new subject
planning – preparing – cooking and serving a really great meal
serving the soup course first
laying in bed laughing until my side hurts with Mr. Right
watching Mr. Right golf or practice golfing
having lunch at a golf course

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