Three is the number of college gals we are supporting this year. I have asked all what their dorm room colors are going to be so I can start the creativity. I am going to start the first of the season college care packages.

One is going to a Bible College in Oregon, has chosen Black and Lime Green.

Another to Stanford in California, has chosen Black and Brown. Maybe with a tiny accent of blue or pink.

The third is going to WSU in Washington, has chosen Brown.

Is it just me, or do these seem sad and down and well quite frankly “old lady”.

Now, I am all for a charming little black dress. I myself have a couple. I have some rather sweet sparkly dress up black pumps as well. Okay, I have five pairs of black pumps, ….oh yes, and some sweet shiny black slip on loafers I forgot about wearing. I am getting those out today! (getting older is fun, you constantly surprise yourself with things you forgot you had!)

What happened to being silly and sweet in college? What happened to bright tangerine or sherbet green or shocking scarlet?

A bride planning a wedding has chosen Black for her wedding with a tiny bit of red.

My friend is helping to set up her son’s bachelor pad. He has chosen Black Fiesta ware.

Yikes, where have all the colors gone?

Oh that’s right, I am looking at a riot of hot pink on my deck! I have on a pink and green fun peace sign necklace today. I am sharing the computer desk with a bouquet of deep purple and white with purple tips dahlias that Mr. Right brought home last night. Our sweet dog is laying on a green blanket with a silly lime green pillow case with dogs marching across it wearing cowboy boots, galoshes and pink ballet slippers.

I am headed to the sewing room to sew my brand new turquoise and gold pajama pants!

“Life is a great big canvas. Throw all the colorful paint you can on it!”

ps. yes, I have black swirls on this blog page right now, I AM an old lady, it is befitting me! ha

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  1. too funny… I never saw the black swirls…just the green background…blind, I say, just blind…but then again, I just understood the bird's nest, the empty bird's nest…maybe age is catching up to me. 🙂

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