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Many moons ago, when Mr. Right and I were newly married, we would of course fill each other’s Christmas stocking. For about three or four years in a row, I would get toe nail polish. I would be so happy. I just loved the intense wild colors. Finally, he asked me how you know it is toe nail polish and not fingernail polish? Does it say that somewhere on the label? I answered happily, toe nail polish is the color that you would wear under your socks, inside your shoes or under the bed covers! He laughed. Those were not colors I would ever wear on my fingers, not to mention, never would I wear those out in public or to church. I love that story. Remembering it makes me smile.

Here is my advice to the bride to be……. plan a pedicure or better yet two, every single month! Or do it yourself. Learn to pamper your tootsies! Take care of your feet. Save up and budget for a professional pedicure. Take your own polish or go wild and use something that catches your eye at the shop. Ask for a pedicure gift certificate if your mom asks what you want for a birthday gift. Get to know your shop ladies or men. Tip them well. They will take care of you for many sessions to come. Or like a gal I know, mark off the last day of the month as a “beauty day”. She dyes her hair and does a facial and “polishes the apple” so to speak. That includes nails.
She has been married over 45 years! Make the effort it is SO worth it!!!!

Every single man I know LOVES a nice pedicure. Let me ask you, who on earth doesn’t want to slip in between clean sheets and play footsie with someone’s sweet pampered toes?

This is a two way street. It is a win for both of you. You feel good and pampered and proud of yourself for taking the time and making the effort to keep your pedicure up to date. He loves it that you make sure and do that. He loves to look at your sparkles or glitter or green shamrocks for March. You will most certainly get a nice foot massage out of the deal. If nothing else you two will share a secret because you both will know what is under those socks and Army boots!

Godmother to Wonder Girl……..make the effort to take care of your tootsies. Your love life will benefit because of it.

I have a fresh pedicure as I type this. I chose OPI color Peru-B-Ruby. It is a deep raspberry color that I love. I added a top coat of gold sparkles. Yes, it caught the attention of Mr. Right.

Oh by the way, I still, 28 years later get a bottle of toe nail polish from Santa every single year. It is a sweet tradition that we both love.

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