I won’t mention names, as to protect the innocent or frustrated.

Here is the scenario: A person is interviewing another person for a job opening. before the interview begins, the applicant says, “I am making $17.50 an hour unemployment, so if you can’t start me out at that level, I won’t waste your time.”

Does anyone out there think the system might be broken? Here in Washington state our minimum wage was just increased to $8.55. I have a suggestion, no matter how long you have worked or how much you made, maybe unemployment should be more in line with minimum wage? Or maybe you should only be able to take out of unemployment what you have already paid in? It was put into place to just “tied you over” until you found another job. Not support you while you choose what system pays you more.

I don’t know how to fix this broken system. Maybe it is time to brainstorm and throw around some ideas?

Your children are growing up when…

I was thinking in the shower this morning, gee I should write on my blog today. What to write about??? Then life presented me with a topic.

Mr. Right received a text message at 4 am this morning. He did not see it until around 5:30 am when he got up, showered and made coffee and started reading messages.

It was a message from our oldest son. He was texting from the hospital. He has two kidney stones. Yes, he has insurance. He was just keeping us in the loop so we didn’t have a fit and fall in it when we read it on face book later. Yes, daughter in law drove him to the hospital. Yes, Sweet grandaughter was with them. (good thing she was already up and “chatting” when all this took place) 🙂

Just seems different/weird, (in a good way) to find out stupid, crazy, painful news. Now, we just go into checking in mode. I will bake some fresh rolls today. That will give my hands something to do, try out a new recipe I have been wanting to try and son number one will appreciate the thought.

Son number two is already texting and e-mailing kind words and gentle suggestions. Sadly, he is well versed in the Kidney stone genre.

Dang, both boys now. Good bye dark liquids, sodas, beer, coffee … and here is a question, are the energy drink boys in bed with the kidney stone doctors? yuck.

…and here I was trying to come up with something to write about today!

I feel the chill in the air

Autumn must really be here.

Plans to sneak away to the ocean to watch a storm come ashore.

Freshly applied Amber Ablaze toe nail polish.

Homemade Apple turnovers.

Shopping for yarn or new fabric to make a scarf.

Plans to visit a pumpkin patch this weekend. I want the
perfect one!

I chose a hot latte today instead of an iced beverage.

Brainstorming ideas to use charity money as a food bank donation
for the colder months. Maybe gloves? Mittens? Still thinking.

After I put new sheets on the bed today, I am adding an extra quilt!

still thinking on this one

I am in no way a television guru. I just wanted to waste about 10 minutes before Mr. Right and I hit the hay. I was “channel surfing” as they (?) call it. I happened upon a local “over the top, vivacious, entertaining, puzzling etc.” minister ranting or rather preaching is a better word, across the television screen.

I have seen his flowing red hair on a couple of past occasions as I clicked by the channel.

Always, Bible in hand, pointing and yelling and pointing some more.

This time, it was different. He wasn’t holding a Bible. Nope.

He was holding an ipad.

Be still my Methodist heart, this could take some getting used to.

…about the author

When completing a really great FBI thriller book (Whiplash by Catherine Coulter) nestled all cozy in your flannel sheets with five or six pillows, you wish the book would go on and on. You look at the cover and flip it over, then you take a look at the dust jacket on the inside…. oh, about the author…..rats……….”the author lives in Northern California”. Yes, I know they want you to get up and go to the computer or get your lap top and look up her site. Yes, you can read more about her there.

I don’t know, I just like to know a little tid bit here or there. I want to read that “the author Kayaked under the Narrows Bridge on her Birthday”. Or “the author took her first flying lesson and flew over the Narrows Bridge on her Birthday”. Maybe something like “the author likes to wear high heels to church and hates rolling up the garden hose”. I want to read where “the author did not speak a sound for 14 minutes in a row, when her and three girlfriends were stopped at the Poland
border and the guards took their passports away, and they silently waited and watched the clock in the mini van”. It would be interesting to know that on the author’s 40th birthday she threw away her hair dryer and curling iron and vowed to never use them again! How interesting it would be to hear that for one birthday she ate Brunch in the Chartwell Room at The Four Season’s in Vancouver, with (shock of all shocks) no stockings on and flip flops….the author had broken a bone in her foot at the pool and no other shoes/sandals would fit. (as you may have guessed this action made the author’s mother furious) however, the food was heavenly and said author enjoyed every bite. No they did not throw her out for not wearing stockings, …(however Mr. Right did go and explain everything to the manager prior to us dining there.) I want to read that on one birthday the author took a lush huge bouquet of glorious red flowers to the owner of her favorite vegetarian resaturant in Seattle, “The Bamboo Garden”.

I like the description of the author to surprise me. Yes, I know they want to be secretive and mystical and “behind the scenes”. I guess I am just a bit too nosey.
I like the information about the author to be as intersting as the written words in the book. Sort of anticlimatic to read such a delightful book and then wow, find out she lives in Northern California. amazing.

I love the written word. I love Libraries. For heaven’s sake, get a library card if you don’t have one. Help a neighbor kid or grandson sign up for one. Books and stories are just lovely things to fall into.

$2.00 marriage secret

Hi out there in ciber land, yup I am talking to
Wonder Girl and G.I Joe………….marriage tip for the day….

Buy TWO tubes of toothpaste. Seriously, I mean it. From now on, for ever more,
until you do part, and on and on and on.

One of you will use the tube nicely. You know what I mean, Press neatly, flatten as you go, clean the top daily, place neatly in the drawer or basket when finished.

One of you will, pinch, mash, squeeze, deform, force, mutilate, twist and twist and then sort of get the top on with toothpaste oozing out the top and throw it in the basket when done.

You will each for now and ever more have your own tubes and you will NEVER once argue over which way is the “right” way.

I will let you guess as to which one I am! ha

dang it, I am sick.

I have been sick with the flu since
Tuesday. This is Saturday. I am just
starting to come around.
dang it.
I don’t enjoy 99% of being sick.

However, Mr. Right brought home
“Jamba Coconut Pineapple Passion
Smashin Yogurt & Sorbet” Popsicles.

So 1% of being sick has been good.
Those treats are so good. Might even
be worth trying out when you are not sick.

Here’s to good health!

It’s official

It didn’t happen the way I had envisioned.
I thought I would know in an instant when I officially
became “mature” or “old”.

I honestly thought the feeling would come when
getting up from gardening my knees creek and I
rub the small of my back. Nope, just felt good
to accomplish the weeding.

Then I thought well for sure when we have a
grandbaby or our friends started having
grandbabies of their own. Nope, it just
feels good and happy and joyful.

I really thought the “old” feeling would come
when friends started having things replaced.
You know, hips, knees, teeth and on and on
that list goes. Nope, just happy for them that
they have a new fresh pain free outlook on

The “mature” gene would surely hit when
once again I can’t seem to figure out
my ipod or something to do with the
computer. Is it frustrating, you bet! I just
love to figure it out and then I feel so
“hip”. Makes me feel like a smarty pants
when I figure out technology, not old.

Paying bills early, sending out birthday cards
early, remembering to pick up dry cleaning on time,
knowing the answer to etiquette questions,
making a dinner turn out all at the same time for
2-25 people, baking a great loaf of bread dying my
hair to hide the gray and on and
on the list goes…..I really thought it would hit
me that I am aging.

Then it happened…sort of like watching it in slow
motion…..Last night, I was sitting on the sofa, Mr. Right in
his chair and then it happened! The dog got up
and wagged her gigantic plume tail and knocked a huge
glass of iced sweet tea on the carpet. Neither of
us said anything. We just got a couple of towels and
wiped it up & started the washer. No drama, no hurrying,
no yelling, no excitement, nothing really. In a very uneventful,
very calm fashion we cleaned it up and went back to
watching the television.

Wow, in an instant, we realized, dang, we are
old and mature. In the olden days that would have
had us jumping and yelling and moving like
we were on fire.

“Slow your journey to include time for happiness”.

yoga rant

Here is my rant for this morning:

Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler from Kentucky is of the opinion that
people that practice Yoga are not Christians.

Since I am not about to drive to Kentucky (or goodness sakes move on purpose
to his city) to “follow” him, I will continue to practice Yoga every single day of my life.
Then in another part of my day I will continue to read my Bible and try
my best to treat others as I would want to be treated.

Here is a news flash for Mr. Mohler, IF I did not practice Yoga, I for one would not
be able to sit still through his sermons, nor would I be able to go to sleep at night
calmly, nor would I be able to sit and calmly watch a tv show for 30 minutes (still
a hard one with out some type of hand work), if I didn’t already go through my
apparently “sinful” 27 minutes of stretches this morning, I would be scrubbing the
driveway and pruning bushes and dancing a jig instead of calmly and quietly
having my morning coffee and typing an insane e-mail about how goofy his thinking is.

Apparently, there are two kinds of people in this world, the kind with open minds and
hearts and …well you know the rest.

For today…

I love that my childhood school chum became a grandfather today.

I love that three little girls and their Aunt had a bouquet of
autumnal flowers and a photograph delivered to me as a thank you.

I love the homemade corn chowder that I had for lunch today.

I love that I have plans to meet an old friend for coffee next week.

I love that Mr. Right brought me a perfect Godiva coconut macaroon last night.

I love my dog. Espcially when she lays in the deep green grass and looks so

I love that Mr. Right has a latte set up for me each day, ready to push the “start” button.

I love the turning leaves of the Maple tree on the deck.

I love the house vacuumed daily.

I love that the laundry is done.

I love e-mail.

I love sewing felt food. Strawberries today.

I love watching three little birds take a bath in my
butterfly bath.

I love having curly hair.