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When completing a really great FBI thriller book (Whiplash by Catherine Coulter) nestled all cozy in your flannel sheets with five or six pillows, you wish the book would go on and on. You look at the cover and flip it over, then you take a look at the dust jacket on the inside…. oh, about the author…..rats……….”the author lives in Northern California”. Yes, I know they want you to get up and go to the computer or get your lap top and look up her site. Yes, you can read more about her there.

I don’t know, I just like to know a little tid bit here or there. I want to read that “the author Kayaked under the Narrows Bridge on her Birthday”. Or “the author took her first flying lesson and flew over the Narrows Bridge on her Birthday”. Maybe something like “the author likes to wear high heels to church and hates rolling up the garden hose”. I want to read where “the author did not speak a sound for 14 minutes in a row, when her and three girlfriends were stopped at the Poland
border and the guards took their passports away, and they silently waited and watched the clock in the mini van”. It would be interesting to know that on the author’s 40th birthday she threw away her hair dryer and curling iron and vowed to never use them again! How interesting it would be to hear that for one birthday she ate Brunch in the Chartwell Room at The Four Season’s in Vancouver, with (shock of all shocks) no stockings on and flip flops….the author had broken a bone in her foot at the pool and no other shoes/sandals would fit. (as you may have guessed this action made the author’s mother furious) however, the food was heavenly and said author enjoyed every bite. No they did not throw her out for not wearing stockings, …(however Mr. Right did go and explain everything to the manager prior to us dining there.) I want to read that on one birthday the author took a lush huge bouquet of glorious red flowers to the owner of her favorite vegetarian resaturant in Seattle, “The Bamboo Garden”.

I like the description of the author to surprise me. Yes, I know they want to be secretive and mystical and “behind the scenes”. I guess I am just a bit too nosey.
I like the information about the author to be as intersting as the written words in the book. Sort of anticlimatic to read such a delightful book and then wow, find out she lives in Northern California. amazing.

I love the written word. I love Libraries. For heaven’s sake, get a library card if you don’t have one. Help a neighbor kid or grandson sign up for one. Books and stories are just lovely things to fall into.

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