Your children are growing up when…

I was thinking in the shower this morning, gee I should write on my blog today. What to write about??? Then life presented me with a topic.

Mr. Right received a text message at 4 am this morning. He did not see it until around 5:30 am when he got up, showered and made coffee and started reading messages.

It was a message from our oldest son. He was texting from the hospital. He has two kidney stones. Yes, he has insurance. He was just keeping us in the loop so we didn’t have a fit and fall in it when we read it on face book later. Yes, daughter in law drove him to the hospital. Yes, Sweet grandaughter was with them. (good thing she was already up and “chatting” when all this took place) 🙂

Just seems different/weird, (in a good way) to find out stupid, crazy, painful news. Now, we just go into checking in mode. I will bake some fresh rolls today. That will give my hands something to do, try out a new recipe I have been wanting to try and son number one will appreciate the thought.

Son number two is already texting and e-mailing kind words and gentle suggestions. Sadly, he is well versed in the Kidney stone genre.

Dang, both boys now. Good bye dark liquids, sodas, beer, coffee … and here is a question, are the energy drink boys in bed with the kidney stone doctors? yuck.

…and here I was trying to come up with something to write about today!