Gratitude, day 10

I am very grateful for:

1. My curly hair. The products I use to keep it under control.
My freedom to wear it however I want, not covered with a scarf
or head covering.

2. Hot shower each morning. Having lived through two teenagers,
I am grateful for a very hot steamy shower. yes, I remember
taking cold showers (lack of hot water) on graduation days,
retirement days, parties, beginning of trips……

3. Clean water. I have it whenever I want. Others, too many
do not.

4. A husband who likes to eat my cooking and baking.
Because I like to bake and cook.

5. creativity. It feeds my soul every single day.

6. Clothes dryer. Yes, I know how to hang out clothes.
No, I don’t want to.

7. Digital camera. I love taking 27 shots to get “the”
perfect one.

8. oatmeal. I eat it 5 days a week. I like it and am
very grateful that we can afford to do so.

9. full spectrum light. I use it daily to help me
and my eyes with my handiwork.

10.all my current and past quilting and sewing friends.
They help me see forward and help me with accountability
to finish things.