before, during and after

In the middle of setting the formal table for Thanksgiving…

I discovered that I have way too many linens and dishes that I
don’t nor will never use. Time to purge. Now, before the
next dinner party.

We are calm and trained. Two bathrooms flooded and
we didn’t even break stride. All taken care of before the
guests arrived.

Thanksgiving meal…

For a 90% vegetarian family, it was by far

the best Turkey I had ever roasted.

I had my hopes pinned on a new side dish.

Baked Artichokes….sad disappointment. Two

thumbs down. dang it.

Best of the table: this years’ cranberry sauce

Worst of the year: my rolls (never has happened before)

Someone said the stuffing was the best ever.

Made me smile.

Loved the place cards this year.

after the meal..

Played a fun card game.

Mr. Right does the dishes, always makes me smile.

After the clean up, Mr. Right gave me a star fish ornament
for the tree this year. I was delighted. Such a sweet
surprise. I love the artistry of Margaret Furlong.

Morning after…

time to purge, clean, throw away, donate and
get this ship into shape!