Gracing tables one loaf at a time.

What can you get for $1.09?

That would be 14 pounds of bananas! On Saturday,
the Commissary had big bags of bananas for sale.

I had to do it, I just had to.

So the next person begging on the corner will get a fresh loaf of
banana bread today. Our mail lady Diane will get a fresh loaf today.
The next person who walks through our door (I am guessing
in about 30 minutes the mother of the sweetest grandgirlie in
the world) will get a fresh loaf.

I printed labels and have the clear bags and sweet ribbon to tie them
all up. I am guessing that some will have to be wrapped and frozen for
the next week or so.

I started singing Raffie’s song….I love to eat, eat, eat, apples and banaynays…I love to eat, eat……..

So far this morning, I have four loaves of Banana Bread
goodness on the rack cooling. I have four more in the oven baking.

I have 6 batches on the counter mixed up and waiting to go into loaf pans.

I have a recipe printed off for muffins with crumble topping to make 24
to send into Mr. Right’s work tomorrow.

I will freeze a couple for some dog treats (Monkey Business).

After having used 21 bananas this morning, it looks like
I still have about 15 to go.

I had to leave out the walnuts. Who knows who can have
them or not. I wanted this to be fun and happy. Not a
bad reaction for someone.

A couple of pounds of pure butter and some dark brown sugar
and this house smells heavenly!

Good Karma comes in all shapes. Today it comes in loaf size pans.

Gracing tables one loaf at a time…

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  1. I love to read your "blog", it usually makes me smile 🙂 sometimes it makes me think, or look into myself, but I always end up being glad I read it.Thanks for sharing your life!

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