Gratitude, day 10

I am very grateful for:

1. My curly hair. The products I use to keep it under control.
My freedom to wear it however I want, not covered with a scarf
or head covering.

2. Hot shower each morning. Having lived through two teenagers,
I am grateful for a very hot steamy shower. yes, I remember
taking cold showers (lack of hot water) on graduation days,
retirement days, parties, beginning of trips……

3. Clean water. I have it whenever I want. Others, too many
do not.

4. A husband who likes to eat my cooking and baking.
Because I like to bake and cook.

5. creativity. It feeds my soul every single day.

6. Clothes dryer. Yes, I know how to hang out clothes.
No, I don’t want to.

7. Digital camera. I love taking 27 shots to get “the”
perfect one.

8. oatmeal. I eat it 5 days a week. I like it and am
very grateful that we can afford to do so.

9. full spectrum light. I use it daily to help me
and my eyes with my handiwork.

10.all my current and past quilting and sewing friends.
They help me see forward and help me with accountability
to finish things.


Tart, I mean really tart Lemon Meringue Pie makes my skirt fly up!

I love the flaky homemade crust. I love the tart lemon taste of the filling.
I love the fluffy meringue. I even love to lick the spatula.

Now, what to make for dinner?


Mr. Right does not hear well. Yes, he has hearing aids. No, he does not like them nor does he wear them.

Because I can hear very well, I am the one who knows when the car lights are left on. I can hear the beeping.

I know when the microwave timer goes off. Mr. Right uses it as a timer for his grilling.

I know when the stove timer goes off and the phone rings and I can hear when his Blackberry is vibrating (even with no sound).

When he is driving and I am a passenger, I can hear the sound of sirens coming and from what direction.

I am the one who can tell him some gossip at a party or a funny line in a movie that he may have missed.

Sure, this isn’t going to work forever. For now, I am grateful that I can hear for both of us. Yes, I forget to turn my head to him to speak sometimes. Yes, I forget a little pad of paper in my purse for church sometimes.

For today, I am grateful for good hearing.

Day four and five of gratefulness

I am grateful for soap. Somehow over the years I had forgotten just how many times one washes ones hands while caring for a baby for one day. I am grateful for and LOVE my Coconut French Milled soap. Today, my hands are dried out. It is a cheap price to pay for hanging out with a sweet grand girlie.

Today, day five I am grateful for my kitchen aid. I love that machine. I love it so much I want to marry it! I use it 6 out of 7 days a week. Today, I will be creating scones. A couple different kinds. Savory (my favorite) and sweet. I also am going to make some home made cheese crackers. I have a couple pieces of smoked salmon left over and want to “Gussie” up the appetizer offerings for this evening. Mr. Right loves a nice appetizer platter. Who am I kidding? I love a good appetizer plate!!!!!!!!!!!

Random grateful thoughts: I am grateful for really good morning coffee, my extremely fluffy white robe, watching the birds at the feeder (outside), having a very clean interior of our car, books, the library, the best vacuum in the world, photographs,
different shaped keys, the sound of our Napoleon clock chiming, piano music, a basket full of fruit and veggies just waiting to be juiced tonight.

days of gratitude

I have a friend who wrote this morning “day 3 of gratitude”.
I fell head over heels in love with this idea.

I am “stealing” it. I want to showcase, if you will, gratitude every single day for the month of November.

No thoughts of scale or one being better than another.

Yesterday, I wrote to her and explained that I was super grateful for
my Mr. Right, D, G, G, M, Sweet Z and of course my Sweet dog. However,
I was really grateful for my health and the political ads coming to an end.

Today, I am grateful for my loyal dog. She is my companion and buddy
everywhere and whatever I do. She is who I bounce ideas off of. As I
type she is laying with her head in a pile of soft dog toys, holding a
sock all while watching the birds at her bird feeder on the deck. She
reminds me to be grateful for rest time.

I am grateful for freshly made juice. We juice almost everyday.
Makes me feel happy and satisfied and yes, grateful.

Lately, Mr. Right has been hiding a plastic mini pig daily.
Today “paulie” fell out of my nut grinder. I grind flax seeds
for my daily oatmeal. I don’t know why a plastic pig makes me
laugh. One day I found “paulie” in my empty coffee cup, awaiting
fresh joe to be poured in. ha I am grateful for a daily laugh.

I am grateful that my cold is 98% gone.

I am grateful that I have a piano to play whenever I want.
I remember years ago taking lessons. That first six weeks, I drove
to a Masonic Hall and used their piano to practice everyday. Some days
before volunteering at a nursing home, I would arrive early and
practice in the basement. Once we purchased a piano,
we lived in a duplex at the time, so when the neighbors left
for work or shopping, I would practice the piano. Yup, I am lucky
and grateful to have my own piano and practice and play whenever.

I have a sign in my kitchen that reads “GIVE THANKS”. It is always there
reminding me daily what to say before I start baking or cooking or creating.
I am grateful that I have the “timber” in my cupboards to bake and cook with.

For today, November 3rd, I am grateful.