ps. my art connection with our boys

The one great thing about art, it that it is a sincere connection with our boys.

I have been going back and forth all morning with Gabe. He is teaching me all about Kooning.I am reading and trying to keep up. He is coming at me fast and furious. I love the challenge. I told him at one moment, if this Graphic Artist “thing” doesn’t work out, he would be a wonderful Art Appreciation teacher.

Isn’t it funny how we can talk back and forth about just one piece for minutes?

I remember the exact moment when Dustin saw his first Monet. I was standing about
2 feet from him to his right. I remember the shoes I was wearing. I looked down and thought, remember this exact moment in time. He said, “this is real”. I said, “yes”. His life changed in a moment. I also remember how big the first Andy Warhol painting was that Dustin was standing in front of. He seemed too close. He had to keep moving his head and turning to take in the entire piece. I remember his face. He was smiling and sort of laughing with his eyes. It was just a fleeting moment, but I was there, I caught it.

I also remember the temperature in the church in Bruges, Belgium the day I saw Gabe’s face when he saw his very first Michelangelo sculpture. I can hear the rustle of the moving robes of two or three nuns moving towards him and watching (they were off to my right). Gabe walked so close up to the alter. He
didn’t even know “the appropriate” amount of space to stay back. He was literally
drawn to it. Bruce and I watched him. The nuns watched him. No one said a word. It was actually, the very first time I had seen a piece of Michelangelo’s work in person. My feelings were real and strong however, pale in comparison. I was fortunate to be among the five adults present in the moment and watched as it unfolded before us.

An eight or nine year old little boy, baseball hat in hand, made up his own mind about appreciating great things.

His life changed in a moment. A moment in time. A piece of time I was witness to.