Hardware store happiness

Rather than being over the top frustrated I am using my noggin and
(gentlemen start your engines) getting the ol’ creative juices flowing.

Fabric. It is hard to come by lately. Oh sure, I have tons of 100% cotton for quilting. From where I live, luckily there happen to be lots of quilt stores within a reasonable distance. For some reason, yes, I know, folks don’t sew as much anymore, there doesn’t seem to be lots of great fabric stores in the Pacific Northwest.

Last week, I did indeed come across a lovely piece of hounds tooth, black and white and I made a kicky, actually sassy skirt for date night. Super easy pattern, for some reason had to go up one size over what I have been wearing lately, lined it top to bottom (yeah, don’t have to monkey with a slip) and for the pattern (on sale 99 cents), zipper, fabric and lining …..the cost was right around $17.00. Made me sing a happy dance. Gee, do I take the money out of the clothing envelope or the craft envelope? I went with the clothing envelope…it turned into clothing within 24 hours and I can use the craft money for supplies to make my Valentines! woohoo!

Back to fabric…..I am talking workable fabric. Some with texture for skirts, some shirt weight for well, sewing a nice shirt. Heavier and hipper fabric for sewing a smart and sassy jacket. Then there are the wine bags. I am trying to find burlap that is not too loosey goosey (yes those are indeed two great words). I thought maybe canvas would work. A bit too heavy and for nice quality canvas, it is a pricey date.

My brain power went into overdrive. I found a great weight fabric, great neutral color, great quality………… $4.10 for a huge amount of yardage. Where you ask?

Lowe’s the hardware store, paint department!!! You see, when Mr. Right is browsing or whatever they do while talking to the people in vests and showing a “part”…..I am coo coo for cocoa puffs (oh weird, I thought of those, not that good really) any way, I wonder, meander really and figure out life and what to do with things I find.

Drop cloth. GREAT find. Tons of fabric, great quality and almost nice enough not to line the wine bags. I will experiment and see if I can stamp or paint a design on the fabric. Oh, I am so happy with the idea. yippy!!! Oh, I can make a new table skirt, gee, actually a bed skirt would be nice, new tab curtains, my mind, as usual is whirling. Oh, oh, oh… a cute drawstring toy bag for a sweet little grandgirlie….

Who knew you could find happiness at a great price in a hardware store?

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