Cookies instead of Cash

Cookies instead of cash, gee that makes me happy just to type those words.

I love to barter. Some folks will come right out and say no thanks.
Some people make it way too hard. They try and figure out how much
they would normally charge or if it is “worth it” to them.

My toes tingle when I find that ideal person who would rather trade goods or
services than money. When the word barter comes into play, somehow the
word money just seems lame and cheap and well, common.
To me, the exchanging of homemade goods or talents is way over the top
hipper, cooler, of more value and not to mention makes me happy like
a kid running through a crazy wild sprinkler, spirit soaring,
on a warm summer day!

Okay, look at the top of this blog. Right now, go on, look up. See the
title? For months now, I have dabbled and tried to get it centered. No
luck. I was just resigned to the fact that my title would be stupid looking
and off to the side. An idea had formed, I offered a deal
to the “boys” in the IT department that work with my husband. Here was
my approach…clean and simple…direct and to the point….

I will trade one batch of cookies (your choice) or one batch of
brownies (your choice) to anyone willing to center the title words on

Here is how it played out.

Sunday when I checked my blog, the title words were PERFECTLY
centered. Hallelujah! Oh yeah, I was happy & my spirit soared.

Monday, I baked an entire batch of M & M cookies (his choice).
Each was extra large, extra filled with candy pieces & wrapped them up in a
fabulous box with ribbon and a great M & M tag. I wrote how much
I appreciate and value his computer skills. I went with my husband
yesterday and placed the cookies in the middle of my “contestants’ desk. I wanted
him to see them the exact moment that he walked into work this morning.

It was a beautiful thing (tear rolling down face like a movie star, with no ugly
masscara smudge, just a deep sense of emotion).

We traded. We both felt like we got the better end of the deal.
We both are over the moon happy. We both used our skills and
talents. We both came away thinking we got the easier
side of the barter. For some crazy simple trade, we both felt
were were appreciated and valued.

May you have the GRACE to see what you need so that your
Spirit may soar.

It feels lovely.

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