A cape of strength

With the exception of Christmas day, our family rule is this: no playing, eating, using, listening, reading ANY gift before a proper thank you note is written. This goes for kids and parents alike.

Yesterday, I broke the rule. Nope the police did not make an unscheduled stop at our home. One of Emily Post’s grandchildren did not stop by to inquire if everything was okay. I did not hear of any strange scientific happenings of the world stopping it’s spinning motion. Nothing happened as punishment that is.

As you can tell by the date, I have not posted on this blog for a few days. I am afraid to admit it, however, medical drama has taken hold of me like a static cling filled sock hangs onto a synthetic sweater in the dryer. A couple of days ago, I had a melt down of epic proportions. The ride has been so bumpy and wild I sort of feel like I should be taking some kind of medicine for motion sickness. dang it.

When Mr. Right arrived home from work last night, he brought in a big gift bag with a tag. My curiosity was peeked. He said he found it by the front door. It was for me. The tag read, “May this bring you warmth and comfort”. I moved the tissue hiding the surprise. I think I let out a sigh. It was/is so nice. It was the most lovely of plaid blankets wrapped up with a big fat gorgeous brown ribbon with pink spring flowers tucked in. The colors of the plaid reminded me instantly of when I was a kid. I would always want Neapolitan ice cream. However, once I started eating it, I didn’t really like it. I just loved to swirl the melted ice cream in my bowl. The chocolate brown would twist and swirl into the soft Strawberry pink and then the cream of the Vanilla would make everything soft and pastel looking. It was totally more fun to let it melt and swirl and turn and make figure eights with the spoon. I fell in love with that combination of colors from early on.

Dinner was all ready to go. The beans were snapped and ready to cook. The Ahi tuna was marinated, the vegetables and fruits were cut ready to make juice and on and on……

This is where I broke the rule. I took the blanket and unwrapped the sumptuous chocolate brown ribbon. I went and crumpled on the bed and wrapped myself in the
soft warmth and promptly fell asleep. I was cozy and wrapped in the kindness from a friend. Yes siree, I took a late afternoon nap. I used the gift before writing a thank you note. The world did not stop turning. I just hide from the world for a bit. Somehow dinner got finished and when I was gently woken up, it was time to sit down to a nicely set table.

Actually I have my new blanket wrapped around my legs this morning as I type. It somehow has a “power” if you will. It makes me feel like it will be okay. Sort of my version of the Superman cape. I want to somehow attach the ribbon to the corners and tie the blanket around my shoulders. I want to wear it like a cape during the times I am not safely tucked under it.

The dear friend who thought of me, is just that. She thinks of me and is standing silently in my corner, all the time. Even when she is wearing her bright red rain coat, or soaking up her favorite sunshine, or using her knitting needles to create breathtaking pieces, I have a funny feeling she is there for me.

I must say it feels quite lovely to be covered in the warmth and grace of my very own security blanket. I am one lucky girl to have such a generous and thoughtful friend helping me handle the rough parts of life. My guess is I will have another meltdown before the next couple of months is done. I will most likely act like a toad a million more times. One of the nicest things about having a girlfriend in your corner, no matter how badly you misbehave, girls don’t waver. They don’t go runnin’ for the hills. They are pillars of strength, standing silently in your corner helping you tackle monster after monster.

and yes, I did enjoy my dinner then quick as a bunny after the table was cleared I wrote a gracious, heartfelt and sincere thank you note.

True Friends are there for you in sunshine and shade.
Over 32 years of friendship, I am guessing there will be plenty more of
both. It sure feels nice to be in the corner with someone who thinks
you are as strong as superman. Albeit wrapped in a “cape” of pink and
brown girlie goodness.