jumping on a fancy hotel bed

This is the first Good Friday in years that I have not passed out Hot Crossed Buns to all our friends and neighbors. I just wasn’t up to it this year.
So instead, I am baking them and will have them on Easter morning. Change is okay sometimes. I still get to bake, just a different day.

Before I go on, the picture you see to the right of this story was borrowed from
http://theletteredcottage.net/ I “heart” that site. I love learning and reading almost daily from Layla. Nope, another person I have never met. Just someone I follow online. She seems kind, and loving and smart and creative and quirky and joy filled and gosh darn it, someone you would instantly be friends with. Now, she would be the perfect person who would say, want to go bike riding and get a frozen yogurt? I would reply, race you there!

Been a tough week for me. Actually son number 2 came up with a couple of topics to discuss on the way to several medical appointments. I printed them and when I got to the point of being a “bit to difficult to deal with” we read them and discussed.

– the lion used in the original MGM movie logo killed its trainer and two assistants the day after the logo was filmed
– a lab at a university in Texas received a $6 million federal grant to breed radioactive armadillos for possible use in warfare
– Johnny Cash was an avid quilter
– The face of Uncle Sam, the fictional personification of the United States, was modeled after a door-to-door salesman from Canada.

Everyone has different ways of helping me on this journey. I appreciate the diversity.

Not everyone is helpful. I learned rather quickly that when some medical people or well meaning friends ask questions, it’s best to tell a fib. When asked what you would like to do when you are all fixed and you come up with 17 things you want to do. Some folks are very quick to point out that “well I am hear to tell you that you won’t be able to do that”. Nope not that either. You will have to make some adjustments to your wishes and dreams. I am sort of shocked by the number of folks who are quick to point out what I shouldn’t do or won’t be able to do.

It reminds me (well a day or two later, after I am done being grumpy and mad at them for saying mean things) to be overly kind to folks who are walking through fire. I want to uplift people and encourage all their wishes. If someone says, I want to play the piano and use the peddles without pain. I want to be the friend who says, could you please invite me over so I can listen to you play? When someone says, I want to go kayaking again and get in and out on my own and use the directional peddles, I want to be the friend that says, can I come and take pictures when you land? I want to be the friend who believes in dreams and wishes and says whatever it takes to help that person reach their goals. In my mind, I can see myself walking my sweet dog three miles everyday again. Outwardly, I just say, oh I sure hope I can walk my dog a couple of blocks on a flat sidewalk. Everyone is positive and so encouraging. Sure you will be able to walk a couple of blocks. Good for you, thinking positively.

I guess I am in the middle of learning yet another life lesson. I want to be a kind and grace filled friend that encourages always. Never puts down my friends dreams.

Here in blog land, I can be honest and list my wishes. I want to swim again, using both legs. I want to jump rope again for fun on my deck. I want to park at the far end of the parking lot and walk up to the store. (I don’t want to be dropped off again, ever at the door.) I want to walk on an uneven rocky beach again. I want to walk up and down stairs again. (no more elevators). I want to go on a cruise and walk the deck every single day, maybe twice. I am going on a zip line for my 50th birthday. Sure it will be one that gently glides at the end, but I am going. I want to kneel down to take communion at church again. I want to ride my red bike with the flowers in the basket. I want to go back to 22 minutes of yoga every morning. I want to stand in the kitchen for 6 hours straight and bake and bake and bake. I want to put my canes away in the very dark, back of the closet and not use them for at least 35 years.

I want to jump on the bed before Mr. Right and I leave a lovely hotel room.
(bet you didn’t know that about me?)

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  1. Well girlfriend, I think you will be doing ALL of that before a year is up! I've seen you in action… when you put your mind to something you are unstopable :-)So "click ignore" and f@#k them all.

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