Recently a friend said to me, you and your family just celebrate more than others. You like to make everything a celebration. My first thought was well, yes we do. Once we hosted a birthday/graduation/retirement/father’s day party for 75 people all in one day! To begin with it was intense just creating the invitation.

The more I thought about it, celebrating everything seems well not as special. I am talking the old school version of Special K cereal, not the new fangled icky stuff.

Mr. Right and I were talking finances over the weekend. He started by saying in 1975 his first monthly paycheck from the US Army was $420.00 before taxes! Yikes. Granted he did not have bills nor a wife who spends a tad too much of sparkly toe nail polish or hair products………… over the weekend we were celebrating a change of his pay.

Somewhere along the line we did not celebrate the pay jump from $420. per month to say $900.00 per month. Somehow the days just flew by and we did not take the time to stop and celebrate every step along the way. Money is a very tricky thing. You need/want money. After you pay your obligations, you can do amazing things for others with money. You work hard for and value money. For some reason, we easily forget to celebrate when a change happens.

I don’t need to explain that in today’s USA world, $420.00 minus taxes would not go very far for the month. Oh, I am good with coupons but that might be a stretch even for me. ha.

So today we celebrate. We remember three years ago today, we bought a new car. Yeah, we still love that car. It has been one of our best choices in the car buying experience. We will celebrate making a good decision.

We celebrate. A niece graduating from law school this month. A friend graduating from college. Son number one and family taking today a Monday off, to go to an Oregon museum to take in a special exhibit. Son number two & sweetie going to a anticipated special NASA exhibit. As old as it is getting, we celebrate the rain here in the Pacific Northwest. Our lawn has never looked greener. We have a gazebo full of deck plants waiting to plant. We have cupboards and freezers full of food to eat and a gas tank full of gas. We have a granddaughter who has learned to crawl.

Yes, I guess you could say we celebrate. We have a lot of reasons to celebrate.

“Life is full of decisions, when you find you’ve got one right, it is worth celebrating!”


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  1. Today I celebrate breathing a tad bit easier. Not all the way back to normal, but every little breath is worth celebrating.

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