the mighty pen

In today’s news I saw a photograph of Queen Elizabeth signing a guest book. She was visiting Dublin, Ireland. The pen she was given to use was indeed a very nice pen. When you view the page, you see that she has written just her name. Simple and clearly written, but it means a great deal to the people of Ireland.

I keep an ongoing book of quotes. Some that I like for no particular reason, some that I may use in a card or paint on my wall. About 98% of the handwriting is mine. Different colored inks, different pens, different doodles, yet, most is my hand writing. On one page, there happens to be a little girl’s hand writing and the quote written, reads: “Girl cooties are stronger than crossed fingers.” (name signed)

Yesterday in the mail we received a heartfelt, handwritten thank you note, from the above mentioned little girl. The first two lines read as follows: “Thank you so much for the graduation gift. I can’t wait to sign something important.”

I loved opening the card. I loved what was written. It made us the givers feel just as special as apparently the receiver. I loved seeing and hearing the thoughtful words. I will save the note in my special “thank you note box”.

The person who sent the note is very well educated and does not need my two cents on the subject. Lucky for me, I have a blog and can and do write whatever I feel like!

In today’s world of computers and hand held technology, the written word in ink and the person’s handwriting is becoming less of the normal, somehow a touch less personal. My humble advice to the young college graduate is this, “USE the pen”.

Use the pen, when you write a love note to your boyfriend. Use the pen when you sign your name to the father’s day card this year. Use the pen to write lots and lots of X’s and O’s all over the inside of the card, Dad’s love that!

I love looking through recipes and seeing my favorite sister in law’s handwriting or my grandmother’s writing, friends, long ago neighbors and even my own. Sometimes, when I look at a sewing pattern I notice my friend’s handwritten notes and the little hearts she sometimes uses to dot the i’s. I am a lucky girl and every morning Mr. Right leaves for work I receive a hand written letter (with drawing). If you look in my cedar chest you will find bundles of cards wrapped in silk ribbons. Birthday, Mother’s day, anniversaries…all signed. I love seeing my boys signature with their first, both middle names and last names (in case I didn’t know who gave it to me).

Last year, when a family lost most everything to a tornado, I asked my friends and neighbors to hand write out recipes and donate dish towels. No, it didn’t change much. However, it let them know, we are praying for you and lifting you up and thinking of you and we want to help you start over. Yes, we could have bought a cookbook or several. However, the hand written recipes will be a reminder that they have all kinds of people in their corner.

Gracing another with kindness through the written word is a gift for both.

Yes, my advice to you, USE the pen. Signing a love note IS important. Signing the guest book at a friends home that hosted a dinner for you IS important. Sure, signing important and sometimes life changing legal documents are extremely important. However, in our real life, the thank you note I received yesterday was important to me. I will save it. It meant a great deal.

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary. ~m.cousins~