another list of loves

The past week has been a tough one……….not devastating……just tough and tricky and it took some twisted turns. It took the wind out of my sails. More than I wanted to embrace and handle.

I choose to move forward in a lighter direction. I am choosing to dwell on the goodness in my life. Making a list of loves helps me. I choose gratitude.

I love that a couple we know celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary and both their birthdays at Cannon Beach for a week. The gift that she loved most? He threw out every single stinking piece of Tupperware they had collected over 20+ years and replaced it with a lovely matching set. Hold onto your breath………with a matching lid for each piece. Now, that brings a tear to your eye. That my friends is true love.

I love that I found a new (to me) decorating blog.
My first project is to buy the wallpaper “bead board” that she talks about. I see an amazing amount of the stuff being used in my future. I already explained it to Mr. Right. Once he got past the “it’s not real wood?” question, we are good to go. yippy.

I loved the vanilla ice latte from Hot Chick a Latte. I LOVE those girls. I LOVE that place. I love that coffee. I know this is a hot button for a lot of people, some of my friends included. First and foremost, I love their coffee. I love that the girls are so friendly to me, very polite and always upbeat. I love that they don’t work 40 hour weeks and still make great money. They are never dragging or watching the clock before their shift is over. I love the effort they put into their “outfits”.
I love that they give me exceptional service and are just as friendly to me as they are to the 4X4 truck with two very nice looking gentlemen (apparently professional weight lifters and tanners) in the truck ahead of me. The part I giggle at and love the most……….I love the moment when the very pretty, spray tanned, young, happy, girl with (this time) a lace up leather black corset and a piece of three inch wide lace for panties, hands me my perfectly made drink. What I love the most is her attitude. Even though, I am thinking to myself “if I ever want to look like her and wear three inch pieces of lace for panties, I can no longer drink these”. She offers a genuine smile with grace and aplomb. She thanks me for stopping by and hopes I enjoy my choice. I love every cold sip. I love that she doesn’t serve guilt or judgement.

I love knowing at 8 in the morning, the plan for dinner is to go get Sushi. Makes me happy and I get to think about Sushi all day long.

I love how happy our dog seems to be, all the time.

I love the idea of making all new pillows for our bed. I love the idea of backing all of them with wild shocking fuchsia pink raw silk. No, it does not match anything. I just love the burst of happy color when you move the pillows. Yes, even the hand embroidered monogram show piece pillow, backed in fuchsia. Sort of surprising and a jolt of happy all at once.

I love that I finished a hand made wedding gift. I am about 6 weeks ahead of schedule. I love that feeling. I love the craftsmanship and handwork that went into creating something of value. I love that it is something for the new couple to celebrate. I love that they don’t have to redeem a card or exchange the gift. I love that all they can do with it is enjoy it and relish the thought and creativity that went into it. I love that there is nothing for them to do but feel the grace that comes with it. I love the thought that even if they don’t like it, they will still feel the thought behind it. The thought that someone lifted them up by making something just for them.

I love that a book I have been waiting for for months and months comes out tomorrow.

I simply LOVE when Mr. Right makes the bed on his days off. I love that he tries to fold and fluff the linens and put all the pillows in the “right” order. I love how he tries to casually drape the wrap on the corner of the bed. Pretty much nothing is casual about him. So it is funny and makes me smile when he tries to be casual about anything.

I love the feeling of anticipating having coffee with a friend this week. I love the feeling of re-connecting and picking up just where we left off. I love that we instantly have that 34 years of friendship to stand behind. 34 years that we are protected by and can feel calm and be ourselves and relish the safety.

I love checking out library books.

I love “finding” a new quilt pattern that I want to create. I love the feeling of having to put it in the Que. I love having one quilt going and one I am dreaming about and one that I am still collecting fabrics for. I love the process.

I love the Michael Allison piano CD I am listening to through the computer while I type.

This past week has been rough. It has been more than my 3 pound (really?) brain can handle. I decided over the weekend, that I am giving myself some grace. A break if you will, to rest and rejuvenate and re-group for a couple of weeks. I am going to buy new toe nail polish and take it with me to have a pedicure. I am going to make an effort to pamper myself some.

How we spend our days is, of course,
how we spend our lives.