Smart cookie

Today, I feel rattled. My stomach is rocking and rolling. I can’t calm down.
More medical appointments on the horizon. Overwhelming and nervous are good adjectives.

Every once in a while Mr. Right comes up with a sneaky plan. He suggested I reorganize my cookbooks. It just might take my mind off of more difficult things. So I jumped in with both feet. I made a big stack for giving away, a smaller stack of papers, odds and ends & magazines for the recycle bin. I am down to four full shelves of inspiration. I dusted and cleaned and got rid of cobwebs.

I was super happy to see “old friends” that I haven’t used in a while. I have not
eaten much today, so the glossy pictures of goodness look divine. Hey, maybe I can make a quiche tomorrow? Oh, maybe Mr. Right would like some fresh cookies? Hey! Wait a minute……………….I was just going to reorganize, take stock in what was there, clean a bit.

Somehow, I came up with all kinds of main dishes and baked goods and appetizers to rotate back into the line up. Somehow in the middle of “reorganizing” I was thinking Mr. Right would like that, oh, Mr. Right loves that….

So it took my mind off my troubles, I am typing now as the oven is pre-heating and Mr. Right scores in the home baked goodness department.

He is one smart cookie.

One thought on “Smart cookie

  1. Hmmm…I did the same thing today, up to a point, my keepers are going into long term storage. That is except for the ones that I need to make copies of so they will be in a safe place. I did re-read ALOT of old letters that covered the decades, some went into the forever box, some found their way into the recycling box. They all found their dusty spot in my heart. Hello to Mr Right. Hope those cookies hit the spot!!

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