Sometime ago, when I started writing this blog, I wondered how I would continue to keep coming up with ideas to write about. Then I discovered they sort of bonk me on the head.

Today, I could write about the great day we spent in our state’s capital city. Olympia Farmers Market is one of the best. We bought baby beets and greens, red and white radishes, and something new to us, Tokyo Sweet Turnips. We walked through and enjoyed a macaroon and people watched. We ate an entire pint of fresh organic strawberries then went back to the farmer and bought a flat. Just couldn’t help ourselves. Quite possibly the best strawberries either of us have ever eaten. Then we walked to the next block to a wonderful Coffee Roaster. We bought coffee and sat outside and did nothing. Did you read that? Did nothing! It felt nice.

Then I got to go to a favorite Quilt shop. Bought a special treat or two there for myself. I was happily surprised that when I went to pay, the lady said, “oh you have cash, we give a discount for that!” Yippy for me!!

We stopped at a couple more places and the day just slipped by. Of course we had a fresh summer dinner fest.

Our Sunday plans for a picnic at American Lake were full steam ahead. We did a bit of shopping first before coming home to pack our basket. When we came home and opened the back of the car to unload our purchases, I had to snap a picture. There it was stacked neatly in front of me. We bought a slice of American summer. A new flag, a sunflower, a watermelon, corn on the cob, apples, oranges….oh my.

I could write about the four Bald Eagles we saw on our picnic. One swooped down and grabbed a fresh fish for his dinner. Everyone in and around the edge of the lake, just stopped and silently watched the circle of life happen right before their very eyes. Even the folks on the dock with fishing poles in their hands that had come up empty were in awe.

I could write about the deer and the new baby deer we spotted on our way home.

Or I could just write down, I loved hanging out with Mr. Right this lazy summer weekend. I loved watching him throw the toy for Sweet Liberty in the lake. I loved watching him unfurl a brand new American Flag for the front of our home. I loved planning and enjoying a picnic with him. I loved just sitting and doing nothing drinking our coffee in front of the roaster.

Just in case you forgot, Life is good. Sometimes you have to be still and quiet and watch it unfold.