"and presents for pretty girls" says Lucy

Many moons ago, Mr. Right read a book with the title being something along the lines of “How to be a Great Husband.” It had 100’s of ideas and tips to make your wife happy and thus create a happy family life & marriage. I am not sure if he still has the book. He has made reference to said book many, many times over the years.

“Why did you do that?” “Because the book said, that is what great husbands do.”

So, whenever I get little “thinking of you gifts” or little sweet surprises or just because presents…….they are always, always wrapped in gift wrap with a ribbon. Now, don’t get all mushy on me, the ribbon doesn’t always match the paper, & sometimes the bag the present was taken out of the store IS the wrapping paper with a bow tied around that. However, more often than not, the gift is wrapped in actual wrapping paper and a festive ribbon is tied or taped on.

Tip to new wives: It doesn’t hurt one little bit that my wrapping paper is stored neatly in one place and I have two clear Rubbermaid boxes with organized ribbons and
gee golly, a pair of scissors & tape are kept with it. The supplies are kept in the same place and color coordinated (the crazy side of me) and easy to get to.

Last night as I tumbled into bed, I scrunched and tossed and adjusted and re-adjusted and smoothed out the quilt and blankets and comforter and rearranged my pajamas, then flipped my pillow to the “cool” side before plumping……wait, my hand felt something. It felt like a present all wrapped up with ribbon!

Yippy! It was indeed a present, wrapped in pink flower power paper with a pink bow. Mr. Right had ordered these really fantastic vintage note cards from the Secretary of the State of Washington gift store. Okay, who among us even knew the Secretary of State had a store? How did he stumble upon this site? crazy.

Crazy good. The note cards and envelopes are really, really high quality paper, great saturated colors, really unique art work & the names on the labels kept us laughing for quite a while. I sort of want to frame each one. I want to figure out the right people to send a note to and use these remarkable cards.

Having a kind husband that consistently does thoughtful things, makes me want to do thoughtful things right back.

Maybe, just maybe that will be my answer, next time a new bride asks me what the secret to happy marriage is.

Be nice, it matters.