A little grand girlie I know is turning ONE. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

I fired up my sewing machine and made a Happy Birthday Tablecloth
(and bib). The table cloth has a plain aqua colored backing fabric.

The reason you ask? So each year on her birthday, they can use the tablecloth, trace around her hand print, have all the guests sign their names and when she is old she can write her own name each year. I think of it as an ongoing keepsake. Easy to fold up and store. Quick and easy to build a tradition and memory.

Don’t worry your pretty little head, I saved half of the fabrics that I used. I want to be able to have the materials to make another one for grandchildren from the other set of kiddos.

So we have the rocky moose, the tablecloth and bib, yet the present that makes us the happiest is the savings bond. Yep, we ordered it in plenty of time. When it came in the mail and saw her name printed on it, well it made my heart and soul do the happy dance. The savings bond will be given to her parents (she does like to put everything through the taste test first these days). We will explain that there will be a savings bond purchased every single month for a certain amount. Then we will give them to her on her 18th birthday for her education. We will explain to them the amount we are planning on today. We kept the amount reasonable, in case we get lucky and have 9 more grandchildren, each will be treated equal. We give a year of college/university/mime school/whatever her fancy. With her parents and other grandparents helping along the way, this little grand girlie will be on her way.

Some presents just make you feel good to give. We both are proud and happy of our choice of gifts.

Happy Birthday sweet Zoe Carina, Happy Birthday!

“Life is full of decisions, and when you find you’ve got one right, it is worth celebrating!”

Why he IS Mr. Right

Today, on the way home from work, Mr. Right stopped to buy lemonade from a
road side stand.

Five kids were selling “Raspberry Lemonade”. They had a table and table cloth and mom was up on the porch watching. The lemonade cost 25 cents a paper cup. A FULL paper cup the sales lady told him. He asked the price. Another girl told him it was twenty five cents for each cup full.

He got a $5.00 bill out of his wallet. Then the children started to figure out the change required. Mr. Right said keep the change. Another girl said we have to go ask my mom if that is okay.

Then a FULL to the brim cup of cold lemonade was presented with great fan fare. One of the kids said HEY, there are five of us and you gave us $5.00. wow.

Mr. Right drove home happy, making a quick stop about a mile away from the stand to properly dispose of the cup and maybe a little of the liquid.

Five Happy Kids $5.00

Why I married Mr. Right, PRICELESS.

Happy Summer to all of us!

A Balancing Act

As of late, my balance has become so poor. Using a cane most of the time now, has caused me to rely on one leg more than the other. When just standing still or walking some, I loose my balance. Last night while harvesting all the Lavender in our backyard (something I usually enjoy) it was more of an effort to keep upright than enjoy the process.

I admit to loving the balance between the chocolate and the peanut butter in a certain candy bar cup. When they created the HUGE one cup, the ratio was off and it wasn’t balanced. boo hiss

While living in Alaska, outdoor play for our kiddos was sometimes out of the question. Mr. Right built a balance beam for inside. It was downstairs near the washer and dryer. The boys would practice and play while I practiced my “hobby” of never ending laundry. One boy had some trouble and got frustrated easily. One boy
hopped and jumped and laughed while holding his blanket and toys and stuffed animals.

I am the girl who loves popcorn. However, on movie night a small bowl of raisins set inside the bowl of popcorn to go back and forth……….oh well, swoon, that’s me, smiling and loving the sweet and salty.

It never occured to me that grown up folks would not know how to balance and ride a bike. Come to find out, the two new grown up girl additions to our family, neither one knew how to ride a bike. Trying to explain balance to an adult is a trick. Good news, both got great lessons from Mr. Right and we are happy to annouce both ride with ease now. (Man I love my red bike with the wicker basket full of yellow flowers.)

The other night, Mr. Right and I had to talk over some “stupid” medical and yucky stuff. Then when we were finished he said okay…now it is time to talk about planning our cruise! So we spent just as much time plotting and planning the good stuff as we did the bad stuff. Yeah for balance.

Everyone of us has had to figure out the balancing act of being a mom and a wife and working & studying, goofing off and playing and trying to make it all seamless. We all fine tune balancing our budgets.

We all have to graciously figure out how to pray for others and lift them up and then on the flip side, ask for prayers for ourselves once in a while.

“the circle of wellness is supported by (both) movement and stillness”

Like I said, Balance.

big girl panties

One week from today, I will be having my fifth knee surgery, this time a total knee replacement.
To say I am nervous, anxious, upset, in constant pain would be an understatement.

I am a GREAT prayer warrior for and supporting others. I am trying to find the Grace to ask for myself. So, I humbly ask for your prayers for August 2nd. A few positive thoughts, good Karma might not be out of the question either. Oh yes, and maybe a prayer for Mr. Right, as I might not be the “sweetest” person to be with right now or the days to come. Thank you sincerely. I appreciate your thoughts and will graciously welcome your prayers.

We found out the surgery date in May, this has been a loooooong time coming. I have two appointments left to go, this Friday.

So, I will just have to put on my big girl panties and walk through this. I will say I am so looking forward to stopping all the drugs at some point. Vicodin daily is getting weary on me. Yesterday, I started my pineapple a day therapy for the next three weeks. Today we start all kinds of good juices and positive steps.

Over the weekend, our bedroom was painted and scrubbed and cleaned and made new and germ free. The double pained windows were taken out and scrubbed inside and out. New blinds, reupholstered the chair, new table skirt and cloth, new pillow…..every little nook and cranny were scrubbed and sanitized for a germ free environment.

I am so looking forward to snorkeling while on our cruise in March……

pillows of goodness

I just love the scene in the movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” where John Candy and Steve Martin fall asleep in bed together. They awake sleepily to soft, fluffy pillows…………….THOSE AREN’T PILLOWS! So funny.

Once while enjoying a lovely Sushi meal with Son number two and a very sweet girl, we were given a plate to end our meal from the owners of the restaurant. All I can say is that it has been a few years now and we all still remember the melt in your mouth pillows of crispy goodness. sigh.

We have purchased so many pillows over the years. We can’t seem to get it right. We have bought el cheapo to the most expensive. We have bought down and polyester. We have purchased foam to get this…..buckwheat hull filled! Boy was that puppy LOUD to sleep on! We have selected huge, European, regular, body size, King size,
rectangles of supposedly fluffiness. Some have turned out to be hard as rocks, some you sunk into and plunged your head right into the mattress.

Vacationing a few years ago at a very nice resort, neither of us remembered to bring our own pillows. We were not happy with the hotel pillows. urgh. At one point in the night, I woke up thinking gosh, our dog looks comfy and cozy, I wonder if I could “borrow” her pillow. Come to find out the next morning, Mr. Right had woken up with the same exact thought! ha

Over the weekend, I sewed a new pillow for our bed. At one point in our lives, we had fourteen decorator pillows that we pulled off the bed each night and artfully arranged the next morning, every single day in and day out. The new pillow I made, I used only supplies that I had on hand. Left over fabric from a project, the backing fabric left over from a chair cover and the pillow stuffing from a pillow I was throwing away. I learned to make the roses on the front as well. When I tossed it on the bed, it made me happy. I love the design and the fact that it was all from supplies I already had. The new pillow sure added that final touch to a cleaned up, fresh bedroom makeover.

Before painting the walls, above our bed, the words “sleep perchance to dream” were stenciled over our bed. Somehow willing us to have a good night’s sleep.

Oh, how I love a wonderfully well made bed and fluffy pillows and a restful night’s sleep.

I have been the recipient a few times of little worry dolls. They come in a little sewn pouch and are made of colorful yarn. You are suppose to tell them your worries. (I have 12 miniature dolls.) You are suppose to then put them under your pillow and they will take away your worries while you sleep. Sure I have read and re-read the bible verses that say you are not to worry. However, I must say I slept pretty darn well last night. Those 12 miniature yarn dolls did their job. They carried my worries for a few hours. I really, really hope they forget to return them.

“We are shaped & fashioned by what we love”. goethe

Really, 26?

It is sort of amazes me to think back 26 years to living in Alaska and having a baby. Son number two is 26 years old today.

Considering we all think of him as the “baby”, he has some wonderful traits for a “baby”. He is uber artistic, talented and creative. He is kind to animals and very intelligent. He is respectful of others and very insightful. I secretly love to watch him do dangerous tricks with his skateboard. (The mom on the outside says, oh be careful, wear your helmet, should you be doing that?) I love that he snowboards and runs. He is fun to have lunch with and can hold his own when it comes to comedy and laughter. If you suggest playing a board game, you will have a friend for life, especially if it is Cribbage. He is someone you WANT to go to a Hockey game with. His exuberance is infectious and so intense.

In this day and age, one of the unique things about son number two is that he doesn’t like “things”. Oh, don’t get me wrong, he has the best skateboard and snowboard that his money can buy. He gives really great and thoughtful gifts to all of us. He owns a very nice car. He just doesn’t like to receive things as gifts.

He never has a “list” for a Christmas wish list. Nor does he have an Amazon gift list. So when you ask him what he wants for a special present, he says nothing.

This personality trait has forced us, his family and friends to give him experiences instead. It has made us use our brains and come up with unique and creative ways to tell him that we love him. Last year we told him Happy Birthday and we love you by way of Ducks’ Hockey Tickets and pizza and sodas to be delivered to him at the game.

This year, today, by way of overnight mail, he will be opening our gift in front of the UPS man. (They are friends and he will want to see what the gift is.) We are saying Happy Birthday with tickets to tour Hearst Castle. We included, a gas card for the 227 mile drive, and lunch at their favorite restaurants. A little bird told us that “someone sweet” is giving him a kayak trip that is
going to launch right near that restaurant.

Coming up with a special experience to give, makes us happy. It makes you giddy with happiness when you decide on the PERFECT gift to tell someone you wish them pure happiness. That is what gifts are suppose to be. They make both the giver and receiver happy.

Son number two sounds so blah, okay, Gabriel Arlen Arthur Wilson is a good man with integrity, respect and a little mischief all mixed together. Happy Birthday, son, Happy Birthday.

“The only true gift is a portion of yourself” emerson

Cabin Fever

About 25 years ago, we used to live in Anchorage, Alaska. If you drove to
Portage Glacier it was about 44 miles. That was the end of the paved road.
Sometimes, we got a little antsy or cabin fever. Some of those dark days
of winter when the sun would come out around noon and disappear again around
3pm, would not be as uplifting as they could be.

I am not able to ride more than an hour now in a car without becoming the
Queen of Grumpiness. So trips are out for now. No walking on the beach, no
trips for a fresh change of scenery. Back in the day of having two little
boys at home, no car, no extra “travel” money, now that was cabin fever.

Today, son number two sent me a gorgeous site of the world’s largest pool. Sadly,
it is in Chili, so a dip in the cool, blue water is a bit out of the question.

I have quilted and sewed and read, read, read. I have tried to rest. Sleeping through the night is out of the question now with pain. Still I wait.

I guess, I am suppose to be enjoying this time of solitude and calm. I miss seeing and meeting people. I miss going out to lunch or to a craft store. I hope that someday, we will travel again and go places so often that I will forget to write on my blog or will be too busy to do so.

“the circle of wellness is supported by (both) movement and stillness.”

I need to find the grace to believe that.