A celebrity couple just had a new baby and apparently
thought the word “seven” would be the ideal middle name.
The next time son number one and son number two ask and
whine a bit as to why they have two middle names, I will
gently and oh so sarcastically tell them “at least either
name is not a number”.

Some people live by the numbers game. I never really thought of
myself as a numbers person, I guess I too count and calculate
throughout the day.

This morning, I went on a “slug hunt”. So in and around
all my flowers and plants and vegetables on the deck, I
counted (and sent to heaven) 17 slugs.

I did 2 loads of laundry and shook out 3 area rugs. One hummingbird
came a calling and there was one bunny in our backyard.

I used the telephone and punched in the numbers to call
and order son number two a GREAT birthday gift. I just
get all giggly (yes, that is a word) when we figure out
the perfect gift for the kiddos.

I had two iced coffee’s today. I did 25 repetitions of
each stretch band exercises with my arms.

So far today, cut out and assembled 12 new quilt blocks.
The colors are cheerful and happy and a delight to work

I am enjoying one bowl of soup for lunch.

Unfortunately, I am well aware of the countdown in the
number of days until my surgery. It makes my stomach
do flip flops and my hands get all clammy.

Friends we know had one baby girl named Olivia this week.
Back in the olden days, before son number one was born,
I thought “it” was a girl and called her Olivia. Heaven
only knows how many numbers of dollars that therapy will
cost in later life?

Nine people were on our prayer list this morning all
having concerns and issues. One prayer candle is going.

Yep, I guess I am a numbers gal.

“It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for
collecting shells than to be born a millionaire.” rl stevenson