Cabin Fever

About 25 years ago, we used to live in Anchorage, Alaska. If you drove to
Portage Glacier it was about 44 miles. That was the end of the paved road.
Sometimes, we got a little antsy or cabin fever. Some of those dark days
of winter when the sun would come out around noon and disappear again around
3pm, would not be as uplifting as they could be.

I am not able to ride more than an hour now in a car without becoming the
Queen of Grumpiness. So trips are out for now. No walking on the beach, no
trips for a fresh change of scenery. Back in the day of having two little
boys at home, no car, no extra “travel” money, now that was cabin fever.

Today, son number two sent me a gorgeous site of the world’s largest pool. Sadly,
it is in Chili, so a dip in the cool, blue water is a bit out of the question.

I have quilted and sewed and read, read, read. I have tried to rest. Sleeping through the night is out of the question now with pain. Still I wait.

I guess, I am suppose to be enjoying this time of solitude and calm. I miss seeing and meeting people. I miss going out to lunch or to a craft store. I hope that someday, we will travel again and go places so often that I will forget to write on my blog or will be too busy to do so.

“the circle of wellness is supported by (both) movement and stillness.”

I need to find the grace to believe that.