Really, 26?

It is sort of amazes me to think back 26 years to living in Alaska and having a baby. Son number two is 26 years old today.

Considering we all think of him as the “baby”, he has some wonderful traits for a “baby”. He is uber artistic, talented and creative. He is kind to animals and very intelligent. He is respectful of others and very insightful. I secretly love to watch him do dangerous tricks with his skateboard. (The mom on the outside says, oh be careful, wear your helmet, should you be doing that?) I love that he snowboards and runs. He is fun to have lunch with and can hold his own when it comes to comedy and laughter. If you suggest playing a board game, you will have a friend for life, especially if it is Cribbage. He is someone you WANT to go to a Hockey game with. His exuberance is infectious and so intense.

In this day and age, one of the unique things about son number two is that he doesn’t like “things”. Oh, don’t get me wrong, he has the best skateboard and snowboard that his money can buy. He gives really great and thoughtful gifts to all of us. He owns a very nice car. He just doesn’t like to receive things as gifts.

He never has a “list” for a Christmas wish list. Nor does he have an Amazon gift list. So when you ask him what he wants for a special present, he says nothing.

This personality trait has forced us, his family and friends to give him experiences instead. It has made us use our brains and come up with unique and creative ways to tell him that we love him. Last year we told him Happy Birthday and we love you by way of Ducks’ Hockey Tickets and pizza and sodas to be delivered to him at the game.

This year, today, by way of overnight mail, he will be opening our gift in front of the UPS man. (They are friends and he will want to see what the gift is.) We are saying Happy Birthday with tickets to tour Hearst Castle. We included, a gas card for the 227 mile drive, and lunch at their favorite restaurants. A little bird told us that “someone sweet” is giving him a kayak trip that is
going to launch right near that restaurant.

Coming up with a special experience to give, makes us happy. It makes you giddy with happiness when you decide on the PERFECT gift to tell someone you wish them pure happiness. That is what gifts are suppose to be. They make both the giver and receiver happy.

Son number two sounds so blah, okay, Gabriel Arlen Arthur Wilson is a good man with integrity, respect and a little mischief all mixed together. Happy Birthday, son, Happy Birthday.

“The only true gift is a portion of yourself” emerson

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