big girl panties

One week from today, I will be having my fifth knee surgery, this time a total knee replacement.
To say I am nervous, anxious, upset, in constant pain would be an understatement.

I am a GREAT prayer warrior for and supporting others. I am trying to find the Grace to ask for myself. So, I humbly ask for your prayers for August 2nd. A few positive thoughts, good Karma might not be out of the question either. Oh yes, and maybe a prayer for Mr. Right, as I might not be the “sweetest” person to be with right now or the days to come. Thank you sincerely. I appreciate your thoughts and will graciously welcome your prayers.

We found out the surgery date in May, this has been a loooooong time coming. I have two appointments left to go, this Friday.

So, I will just have to put on my big girl panties and walk through this. I will say I am so looking forward to stopping all the drugs at some point. Vicodin daily is getting weary on me. Yesterday, I started my pineapple a day therapy for the next three weeks. Today we start all kinds of good juices and positive steps.

Over the weekend, our bedroom was painted and scrubbed and cleaned and made new and germ free. The double pained windows were taken out and scrubbed inside and out. New blinds, reupholstered the chair, new table skirt and cloth, new pillow…..every little nook and cranny were scrubbed and sanitized for a germ free environment.

I am so looking forward to snorkeling while on our cruise in March……

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  1. I've been sending my good karma, positive energy and prayers your way for months and will double my efforts. I just know all will go well, I feel it in my gut.We love you!

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