A Balancing Act

As of late, my balance has become so poor. Using a cane most of the time now, has caused me to rely on one leg more than the other. When just standing still or walking some, I loose my balance. Last night while harvesting all the Lavender in our backyard (something I usually enjoy) it was more of an effort to keep upright than enjoy the process.

I admit to loving the balance between the chocolate and the peanut butter in a certain candy bar cup. When they created the HUGE one cup, the ratio was off and it wasn’t balanced. boo hiss

While living in Alaska, outdoor play for our kiddos was sometimes out of the question. Mr. Right built a balance beam for inside. It was downstairs near the washer and dryer. The boys would practice and play while I practiced my “hobby” of never ending laundry. One boy had some trouble and got frustrated easily. One boy
hopped and jumped and laughed while holding his blanket and toys and stuffed animals.

I am the girl who loves popcorn. However, on movie night a small bowl of raisins set inside the bowl of popcorn to go back and forth……….oh well, swoon, that’s me, smiling and loving the sweet and salty.

It never occured to me that grown up folks would not know how to balance and ride a bike. Come to find out, the two new grown up girl additions to our family, neither one knew how to ride a bike. Trying to explain balance to an adult is a trick. Good news, both got great lessons from Mr. Right and we are happy to annouce both ride with ease now. (Man I love my red bike with the wicker basket full of yellow flowers.)

The other night, Mr. Right and I had to talk over some “stupid” medical and yucky stuff. Then when we were finished he said okay…now it is time to talk about planning our cruise! So we spent just as much time plotting and planning the good stuff as we did the bad stuff. Yeah for balance.

Everyone of us has had to figure out the balancing act of being a mom and a wife and working & studying, goofing off and playing and trying to make it all seamless. We all fine tune balancing our budgets.

We all have to graciously figure out how to pray for others and lift them up and then on the flip side, ask for prayers for ourselves once in a while.

“the circle of wellness is supported by (both) movement and stillness”

Like I said, Balance.