A little grand girlie I know is turning ONE. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

I fired up my sewing machine and made a Happy Birthday Tablecloth
(and bib). The table cloth has a plain aqua colored backing fabric.

The reason you ask? So each year on her birthday, they can use the tablecloth, trace around her hand print, have all the guests sign their names and when she is old she can write her own name each year. I think of it as an ongoing keepsake. Easy to fold up and store. Quick and easy to build a tradition and memory.

Don’t worry your pretty little head, I saved half of the fabrics that I used. I want to be able to have the materials to make another one for grandchildren from the other set of kiddos.

So we have the rocky moose, the tablecloth and bib, yet the present that makes us the happiest is the savings bond. Yep, we ordered it in plenty of time. When it came in the mail and saw her name printed on it, well it made my heart and soul do the happy dance. The savings bond will be given to her parents (she does like to put everything through the taste test first these days). We will explain that there will be a savings bond purchased every single month for a certain amount. Then we will give them to her on her 18th birthday for her education. We will explain to them the amount we are planning on today. We kept the amount reasonable, in case we get lucky and have 9 more grandchildren, each will be treated equal. We give a year of college/university/mime school/whatever her fancy. With her parents and other grandparents helping along the way, this little grand girlie will be on her way.

Some presents just make you feel good to give. We both are proud and happy of our choice of gifts.

Happy Birthday sweet Zoe Carina, Happy Birthday!

“Life is full of decisions, and when you find you’ve got one right, it is worth celebrating!”

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