Why he IS Mr. Right

Today, on the way home from work, Mr. Right stopped to buy lemonade from a
road side stand.

Five kids were selling “Raspberry Lemonade”. They had a table and table cloth and mom was up on the porch watching. The lemonade cost 25 cents a paper cup. A FULL paper cup the sales lady told him. He asked the price. Another girl told him it was twenty five cents for each cup full.

He got a $5.00 bill out of his wallet. Then the children started to figure out the change required. Mr. Right said keep the change. Another girl said we have to go ask my mom if that is okay.

Then a FULL to the brim cup of cold lemonade was presented with great fan fare. One of the kids said HEY, there are five of us and you gave us $5.00. wow.

Mr. Right drove home happy, making a quick stop about a mile away from the stand to properly dispose of the cup and maybe a little of the liquid.

Five Happy Kids $5.00

Why I married Mr. Right, PRICELESS.

Happy Summer to all of us!