Good bye August….HELLO the sweet possibilities of September.

I want to sort of put August 2011 to bed and never revisit her.

I have learned a lot from her.

I am going to visit people who can’t get out and about. Being home alone, is well to put it simply lonely and boring and makes you crazy. Clearly, I have learned the meaning of the word “shut in”.

My cooking skills are going to be utilized someday again. This time around I am always going to make double of almost everything. I am going to share with people who can’t or don’t know how to cook for themselves. Homemade food is so much more than just great flavors and colors.

I have learned that I will stop by and offer to iron for an hour or walk the dog or empty the dishwasher or get the mail. Seems simple, but it is a huge help when you can’t get around easily.

Every little aliment takes on a new meaning. I have been battling a fever for two days. Seems all I can think about. Being well and healthy allows you the luxury of seeing a bigger picture.

September brings hope and the possibility of new ideas and thoughts and crafts. Sure I am a bit nervous about being alone for a week when Mr. Right heads to our nation’s capital. Crazy to be this old and worried about staying alone?

I think the word for September will be, HOPE. It has a really nice ring to it.
I am going to embrace it.

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