new saying

I heard a new saying a couple days ago. I like it. I really, really like it.
I have thought about it a lot. I actually made 12 greeting cards today and felt good.

Hold onto your hats folks, here we go….. get a pen or pencil… write it down, stick it on the refrigerator……………memorize it like a elementary Baptist girl memorizing Bible verses…………..

Done is Better than Perfect.

pears pears everywhere

Okay, I am on pear overload.

I have given some away. Three times. I am using about 6 a day. In juice
and just eating plain.

A friend suggested that I make pear butter. (on the back of the stove simmering as I type).

Thus the pear tartlets for dessert tonight. Oh the melted cheese, the sweetness of the pear, the flakes of puff pastry. To bad the photograph doesn’t allow for the heavenly fall aroma to come through the computer screen.

It makes me swoon a little.

Forever in Blue Jeans

Before you read this blog, go to You Tube. It’s okay, I have a cup of coffee, I’ll gladly wait. Look up Neil Diamond’s “Forever in Blue Jeans”. Play it loud and over and over while you read this post. There is something about that man’s voice………..I sort of feel like I owe him a royalty for using his music today. Wait, he is uber wealthy and I hope a nice guy. I am guessing he will just be happy that I am using his music to color my life.

When growing up, it was on the very, very rare occasion that my sisters and I were allowed to wear blue jeans. Nice young ladies (Daleen, Coleen & Joleen) did NOT wear blue jeans. period. end of story. For some strange reason, I have this one photo of my sisters and I wearing jeans. It must have been some unique occasion that our dad or mom felt the need to preserve the moment for all eternity? My mother was of the thought that if you dressed like a lady, you would act like a lady and thus grow up to be a lady. It was not open for discussion.

I was a Rainbow girl from the ages of 12-20. That organization did nothing but encourage my mother’s thinking in the “no jeans, period.” category. Nor did Girl Scouts, Girl’s State, Viking Lady…and on the list went. Not to mention the work force. Jeans were never allowed in the office. That will tell you my age.

I was a good girl and that meant I followed the rules. I did have a pair of painter pants that were bright red and the material felt like denim to me. I wore them on the last day of High School. I can’t remember anything about that day. All I remember was how great those pants felt. For once, I felt like I fit in.

Moving along a few years, I actually buy my own clothes and discover how much I love, love, love blue jeans. I love denim. I love the feel the fabric the color and yes, I love the “I am wearing jeans and no one can do anything about it” feeling.

Over thirty some years, I have bought and worn to faded nothing, jean skirts, jean peddle pushers, a blue jean jacket, designer jeans, I have sewn with denim and have patterns to make your own “perfect fit” jeans. I dressed our boys in jeans, bought jeans for Mr. Right (I like him in Levi’s & he likes Lee.) One of the first outfits we bought a certain grand girlie was a jean jumper overall number with pink flowers sweetly embroidered all over it. Currently, my favorite “go to” jeans are a pair of Boyfriend jeans rolled up at the ankle with character. Read that as I paid for the jeans to come with holes already rubbed in! Crazy. I have taken in jeans, let out jeans, I have worn holes in jeans. I have removed pockets, added cute flower patches, replaced buttons and yes, my friend, I have even replaced zippers in favorite pairs of jeans over the years.

Over this past weekend, something happened to me in the Jean genre. I was in a dressing room trying on…yep, you guessed it another pair of jeans. I tried them on, took them off folded them up nicely. Dressed and then walked back out in the store and announced to the sales lady, customers and Mr. Right that they WERE TOO BIG, I WOULD NEED A SMALLER SIZE! A size I have not seen since the 80’s! It is a really good thing that they were super cute, because having to get that smaller size meant to the universe that I WAS BUYING them! I got butterflies in my stomach. I was just tickled to take out those dollars and pay for those beauties. I am still, three days later doing the happy dance.

Yes, I am going to have that beautiful song stuck in my mind all day long and then some. Yes Virgina, I am wearing jeans today.

I’d much rather be, forever in blue jeans.

first conversation

Our son was talking to the dogs and trying to feed the sweet
grand girlie. He was talking and both the dog and the daughter
seemed to be interacting with him.

He said, all of a sudden Miss Zoe said, “Dada, no, no, no”.

So that my friends was the beginning of the dad and daughter relationship.

Made me laugh when I heard it and actually, makes me smile ear to ear
and chuckle as I am typing it today!


I get stuck in ruts all the time. So, I thought I would look up a few new recipes or twists on the classic apple pie recipe.

Oh my. Everyone and their neighbor has a “secret” ingredient. Golly Wally, even Alton Brown, my go to for a traditional recipe crushes up Apple Jacks cereal in his crust for apple pie.

You can use vinegar or an egg in the crust. You can add apple cider vinegar to the apples. Some folks swear by nutmeg and cinnamon together. Some people use margarine in their crust. Others use a certain combination of a variety of apples.
The crust is lattice work for some, plain top for others. Some cut out sweet apple shapes in their top crust, some folks just make cuts in the top to let the steam escape.

After my few minutes of research, I shut down the computer. I got out my Betty Crocker cookbook (with my handwriting in the margins) and just baked an old fashioned, classic apple pie. Yep, I use cinnamon and real butter and plain old flour. I piled in the fresh picked apples and covered her with a traditional top crust, cut slits in five places, brush her and sprinkled sugar all over.

What came out of the oven? Pure goodness. Happiness really. A golden brown, slightly sparkly crust that smelled like warm apples.

Last night after our dinner was done it was time for dessert. Nope, didn’t use the good china just everyday dishes. I sliced two good sized portions and put a dessert fork on each plate. Oh and Ah…….

The apple pie was the perfect dessert to celebrate Monday. The perfect dessert to celebrate the beginning of fall. The perfect dessert to celebrate the beginning of the work week.

It was just a perfect Apple Pie.

Sunday Drive

The car was packed with pillows and sandals, boots and coats, sweaters, chairs and the picnic basket full of goodness. All items at the ready for whatever the day brings. The dog was brushed and her seat cover in place. Her leash, towels, water bottle, snacks, brush, bags, tennis ball (yes, it is like packing for a little kid).

It was Sunday Drive day! YIPPEE! It is where you get to go for a drive and explore and talk and talk and talk. You take your camera to capture something wonderful. You buy cookies and goodies from bakeries and meat shops. There is no thought to calories or fat content on Sunday Drive day. You stop at locally owned coffee shops. You are relaxed and talk with the owners. You actually visit with other patrons. Sure you have your cell phone, you have it on, however it is tucked into the glove box for emergencies.

Yesterday, we met an 80/85 year old couple in a little coffee shop. They were using their lap top and were getting lattes. Energetic and exploring life seem to be fitting descriptions of this happy couple. We stopped at a road side table & happened upon a great farmer and daughter in their orchard. We learned about new varieties of pears. We tasted and we learned about sprays and pie baking and we bought a 30+ pound box of GORGEOUS pears. My mind is swirling with ideas other than just juicing (which we will do a lot of). I can see a lovely little pear tartlet. My apple pie today will have a few chunks of pear goodness mixed in.

I felt sorry for a gal in a sweet little gift shop. Her girlfriend was talking to her as they meandered through the shelves of hidden treasures. However this gal was texting someone else at the time. Oh to teach the lesson “be in the moment”! We would all be better off.

Sadly, I lost at car BINGO, by one cow might I add! However, I did bring up a sore subject….hey, remember that time I won at Battleship? Yes, I am going to use that epic win over and over and over.

We pulled over at a rough looking burger place and I devoured an entire order of onion rings. One of my all time weaknesses. Yep, I would have to include deep fried onion rings on my list of all time favorite foods.

My marriage advice to couples young and old ….make sure you include Sunday drives at least once a month. You somehow connect, it is like an 10 hour date. You have plenty of time to talk and talk some more. You might not figure out the world’s problems, however, you end up on the same sheet of music. You laugh more and you work together (I will go to the bakery (again for another fruit bar)…you go to the meat market for a yard of pepperoni for our fluffy backseat companion). You look for interesting things. You point out Bison, hawks, waterfalls and huge goofy animal statues and together you figure out personalized license plates. You remind each other of upcoming events, suggest new food choices for the week to come, you remember that you have to order new passports.

Somehow on a Sunday drive, you remember all over again why you chose this person to travel the highway of life together. Your decision becomes once again crystal clear.

You chose wisely.


Oh sure there is a song written about passing the biscuits. We all want them. I freely admit it.

I have tried. Yes, indeed.

The ones I made yesterday were little hockey pucks. Sure I love hockey, but not when it comes to biscuits.

Let’s just say they did not make the best breakfast sandwiches this morning.

I want fluffy. I want light and layered and airy and tall. I want tender and flaky.

Yes, it seems like I am asking for quite a bit.

This is GAME ON. Oh yes, I will prevail. I will attempt to climb that mountain.

I will be victorious.

Next week,if you are in the area, stop by there will be plenty of samples. By next Saturday morning, we WILL be having fluffy & flaky Breakfast sandwiches. You can count on it!


If you know anything about Battleship (the game), you know how hard it is to get a
shot the first time out.

Last night was an epic game that will go down in history. Forever. Well at least until I loose my mind and then in the nursing home, I will still be talking about it.

It takes 18 shots to sink every ship of the opponents. It took me 22 to sink every single one.

Oh my stars. I almost still can’t really believe just how great a game it was.
It brings a tear to my eye. Just amazing.

I AM QUEEN of BATTLESHIP! At least last night I was, in my corner of the world.

Best Librarian ever!

Today was my first day back to our local library in about 2 1/2 months. Hip, Hip, Hooray!!

I do love the smell of a library. I love library books. I love the quiet and the possibilities of finding “the” perfect book. I love my library book bag. I love only checking out 20 at a time, so I can keep track. I love checking out my own books. However, I do miss those little cards in the back and having to take them to the main desk for the librarian to stamp.

I miss the card catalogs. I was always super duper careful for fear of dumping an entire drawer and then having to alphabetize every single card. I do love the computer system of today.

What a wonderful world we live in when you…….go back to the library after being gone for 77 days…. and the BEST Librarian in the world comes up and hugs you and says “It’s great to see you, we missed you!” Now, that is the kind of world I like living in.

I left today with a smile on my face. My “boyfriend” was carrying my stack of books and our wonderful, red & wild curly hair librarian said “see you next time”.

Yeah, I am a lucky girl and life is so good.

ps. I am writing a letter to the head honcho of all the libraries in the state of Washington to tell them what a GREAT employee they have. We are lucky to have her!

Hello Halloween

Hello Halloween!

This is something new for me. I don’t consider myself a huge Halloween fan.

Growing up October 31st was not only the “dress up” day it was also my mother’s birthday. Sitting at a grown up restaurant, trying to be still and hoping that we would not miss Trick or Treating was a big deal. Even though we did not have the word, I think we were three little girls consumed with stress.

Oh sure, over the years, I have sewed every costume known to man, woman or child. Once I hot glued so much popcorn to a box to make a “box of popcorn” that it took a week or more to recover from the blisters on my hands. I have made hundreds of home baked donuts. It seems I have rolled and wrapped thousands of popcorn balls. Over the years, I have made cupcakes galore. I have made home made taffy, bagged thousands of goodie bags. I have worked at so many school and church “harvest” carnivals that I would consider myself a professional booth worker.

While our boys were growing up, our home was decorated top to bottom. We had funny decorations and silly. Our entire family and sometimes friends, carved pumpkins every single year. Mr. Right has toasted tons of yummy pumpkin seeds. Once while living in Germany on a cacern, we passed out candy to over 350 goblins. We have pictures to prove that we made shocking orange tie dye jack o lantern T-shirts. Mr. Right has driven us to other neighborhoods and homes to view their spooky displays before the big day.

Several times over the years, my mother would visit our home during this holiday. Of course, I baked amazing Halloween Birthday cakes. One year it was a spider cake complete with pipe cleaners has 8 hairy legs, one year it was a pumpkin with a frosted 1/2 a banana as the pumpkin stem. That cake was huge!

Once son number two headed away for college, we were able to take a breath. That fall and the years since I transformed our home into a harvest wonderland. I used mums and kale and cabbage and gourds and pumpkins of all colors. Hay bales and corn stalks and wreaths adorned our front door and deck. Not a speck of Halloween could be found. Just the warmth and glow of Harvest time. I love, love, love autumn. We take drives to visit pumpkin patches, we have driven to see the changing leaves, heck one year, we flew to New England to be official “Leaf Peepers” during the season.

Enter grand girlie number one with a sibling on the way. My attitude is slightly different. I want her to have silly & happy memories of Halloween. I want her to remember visiting our home with sweet treats and goofy traditions.

So, I made funny, cheerful, happy, silly table runners for both families. We will send one to California and one will stay here in Washington at Grand girlie’s house. Of course we purchased some treats to go with the machine quilted table runners. Just looking at the wild colors makes me smile and feel silly.

I wonder if I should tell them that the fabric with the google eyes, glows in the dark? Maybe not, maybe they will just find that out for themselves one night when they get up for a drink of water in the middle of the night. 🙂