Do you feel it? There is a lightness and carefree feeling in the air.

Almost light as a feather or giddy like your stomach right before a huge drop
on a roller coaster. Just a little tickle that makes you smile.

Last night a little grand girlie that I know took her first steps. Yep, she is
moving towards all sorts of interesting things. Her parents have no idea how many
things she will be curious about. Just so darn happy for her.

Walking is such a big girl thing.

Over the weekend, we walked through a small town farmers’ market. It felt great to walk steady on my own moving forward. Trying to smooth out my gait, it takes me a
little longer than what is normal. It gives you back your freedom.

I walked right up to a booth and purchased some beautiful pink Fairy Wings. They are covered in jewels and glitter and have straps to put around your shoulders. I smiled the moment a saw them hanging there. I knew the perfect little person who would love these. I am thinking that they might have to be saved for when someone
becomes a big sister sometime in March. The wings seem like the perfect accessory to wear to meet your new sibling.

Happiness makes you feel so giddy that you are more than willing to change the dates of your anniversary cruise. Heaven knows we do not want to miss another little grand person entering our lives.

Yesterday’s happiness is son number one started back to college. Thursday’s happiness is Mr. Right first night in his college course of choice, studying the US Constitution.

This week so far, I was happy to vacuum. I was happy to make one dinner. I was happy to make laundry soap. I was happy to make the bed.

I wonder why it is frowned upon for adult “girls” to wear Fairy Wings? Seems like it would make a whole lot of people a whole lot happier?

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” A. Lincoln

Today, I choose happy.

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  1. She just started walking and you want to give her wings to fly!:)Do you think young mothers really grasp what "we" The more experienced mothers say when we say "they grow up SO fast! Cherish every moment!"

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