Hello Halloween

Hello Halloween!

This is something new for me. I don’t consider myself a huge Halloween fan.

Growing up October 31st was not only the “dress up” day it was also my mother’s birthday. Sitting at a grown up restaurant, trying to be still and hoping that we would not miss Trick or Treating was a big deal. Even though we did not have the word, I think we were three little girls consumed with stress.

Oh sure, over the years, I have sewed every costume known to man, woman or child. Once I hot glued so much popcorn to a box to make a “box of popcorn” that it took a week or more to recover from the blisters on my hands. I have made hundreds of home baked donuts. It seems I have rolled and wrapped thousands of popcorn balls. Over the years, I have made cupcakes galore. I have made home made taffy, bagged thousands of goodie bags. I have worked at so many school and church “harvest” carnivals that I would consider myself a professional booth worker.

While our boys were growing up, our home was decorated top to bottom. We had funny decorations and silly. Our entire family and sometimes friends, carved pumpkins every single year. Mr. Right has toasted tons of yummy pumpkin seeds. Once while living in Germany on a cacern, we passed out candy to over 350 goblins. We have pictures to prove that we made shocking orange tie dye jack o lantern T-shirts. Mr. Right has driven us to other neighborhoods and homes to view their spooky displays before the big day.

Several times over the years, my mother would visit our home during this holiday. Of course, I baked amazing Halloween Birthday cakes. One year it was a spider cake complete with pipe cleaners has 8 hairy legs, one year it was a pumpkin with a frosted 1/2 a banana as the pumpkin stem. That cake was huge!

Once son number two headed away for college, we were able to take a breath. That fall and the years since I transformed our home into a harvest wonderland. I used mums and kale and cabbage and gourds and pumpkins of all colors. Hay bales and corn stalks and wreaths adorned our front door and deck. Not a speck of Halloween could be found. Just the warmth and glow of Harvest time. I love, love, love autumn. We take drives to visit pumpkin patches, we have driven to see the changing leaves, heck one year, we flew to New England to be official “Leaf Peepers” during the season.

Enter grand girlie number one with a sibling on the way. My attitude is slightly different. I want her to have silly & happy memories of Halloween. I want her to remember visiting our home with sweet treats and goofy traditions.

So, I made funny, cheerful, happy, silly table runners for both families. We will send one to California and one will stay here in Washington at Grand girlie’s house. Of course we purchased some treats to go with the machine quilted table runners. Just looking at the wild colors makes me smile and feel silly.

I wonder if I should tell them that the fabric with the google eyes, glows in the dark? Maybe not, maybe they will just find that out for themselves one night when they get up for a drink of water in the middle of the night. 🙂

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