Sunday Drive

The car was packed with pillows and sandals, boots and coats, sweaters, chairs and the picnic basket full of goodness. All items at the ready for whatever the day brings. The dog was brushed and her seat cover in place. Her leash, towels, water bottle, snacks, brush, bags, tennis ball (yes, it is like packing for a little kid).

It was Sunday Drive day! YIPPEE! It is where you get to go for a drive and explore and talk and talk and talk. You take your camera to capture something wonderful. You buy cookies and goodies from bakeries and meat shops. There is no thought to calories or fat content on Sunday Drive day. You stop at locally owned coffee shops. You are relaxed and talk with the owners. You actually visit with other patrons. Sure you have your cell phone, you have it on, however it is tucked into the glove box for emergencies.

Yesterday, we met an 80/85 year old couple in a little coffee shop. They were using their lap top and were getting lattes. Energetic and exploring life seem to be fitting descriptions of this happy couple. We stopped at a road side table & happened upon a great farmer and daughter in their orchard. We learned about new varieties of pears. We tasted and we learned about sprays and pie baking and we bought a 30+ pound box of GORGEOUS pears. My mind is swirling with ideas other than just juicing (which we will do a lot of). I can see a lovely little pear tartlet. My apple pie today will have a few chunks of pear goodness mixed in.

I felt sorry for a gal in a sweet little gift shop. Her girlfriend was talking to her as they meandered through the shelves of hidden treasures. However this gal was texting someone else at the time. Oh to teach the lesson “be in the moment”! We would all be better off.

Sadly, I lost at car BINGO, by one cow might I add! However, I did bring up a sore subject….hey, remember that time I won at Battleship? Yes, I am going to use that epic win over and over and over.

We pulled over at a rough looking burger place and I devoured an entire order of onion rings. One of my all time weaknesses. Yep, I would have to include deep fried onion rings on my list of all time favorite foods.

My marriage advice to couples young and old ….make sure you include Sunday drives at least once a month. You somehow connect, it is like an 10 hour date. You have plenty of time to talk and talk some more. You might not figure out the world’s problems, however, you end up on the same sheet of music. You laugh more and you work together (I will go to the bakery (again for another fruit bar)…you go to the meat market for a yard of pepperoni for our fluffy backseat companion). You look for interesting things. You point out Bison, hawks, waterfalls and huge goofy animal statues and together you figure out personalized license plates. You remind each other of upcoming events, suggest new food choices for the week to come, you remember that you have to order new passports.

Somehow on a Sunday drive, you remember all over again why you chose this person to travel the highway of life together. Your decision becomes once again crystal clear.

You chose wisely.

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