I get stuck in ruts all the time. So, I thought I would look up a few new recipes or twists on the classic apple pie recipe.

Oh my. Everyone and their neighbor has a “secret” ingredient. Golly Wally, even Alton Brown, my go to for a traditional recipe crushes up Apple Jacks cereal in his crust for apple pie.

You can use vinegar or an egg in the crust. You can add apple cider vinegar to the apples. Some folks swear by nutmeg and cinnamon together. Some people use margarine in their crust. Others use a certain combination of a variety of apples.
The crust is lattice work for some, plain top for others. Some cut out sweet apple shapes in their top crust, some folks just make cuts in the top to let the steam escape.

After my few minutes of research, I shut down the computer. I got out my Betty Crocker cookbook (with my handwriting in the margins) and just baked an old fashioned, classic apple pie. Yep, I use cinnamon and real butter and plain old flour. I piled in the fresh picked apples and covered her with a traditional top crust, cut slits in five places, brush her and sprinkled sugar all over.

What came out of the oven? Pure goodness. Happiness really. A golden brown, slightly sparkly crust that smelled like warm apples.

Last night after our dinner was done it was time for dessert. Nope, didn’t use the good china just everyday dishes. I sliced two good sized portions and put a dessert fork on each plate. Oh and Ah…….

The apple pie was the perfect dessert to celebrate Monday. The perfect dessert to celebrate the beginning of fall. The perfect dessert to celebrate the beginning of the work week.

It was just a perfect Apple Pie.