Forever in Blue Jeans

Before you read this blog, go to You Tube. It’s okay, I have a cup of coffee, I’ll gladly wait. Look up Neil Diamond’s “Forever in Blue Jeans”. Play it loud and over and over while you read this post. There is something about that man’s voice………..I sort of feel like I owe him a royalty for using his music today. Wait, he is uber wealthy and I hope a nice guy. I am guessing he will just be happy that I am using his music to color my life.

When growing up, it was on the very, very rare occasion that my sisters and I were allowed to wear blue jeans. Nice young ladies (Daleen, Coleen & Joleen) did NOT wear blue jeans. period. end of story. For some strange reason, I have this one photo of my sisters and I wearing jeans. It must have been some unique occasion that our dad or mom felt the need to preserve the moment for all eternity? My mother was of the thought that if you dressed like a lady, you would act like a lady and thus grow up to be a lady. It was not open for discussion.

I was a Rainbow girl from the ages of 12-20. That organization did nothing but encourage my mother’s thinking in the “no jeans, period.” category. Nor did Girl Scouts, Girl’s State, Viking Lady…and on the list went. Not to mention the work force. Jeans were never allowed in the office. That will tell you my age.

I was a good girl and that meant I followed the rules. I did have a pair of painter pants that were bright red and the material felt like denim to me. I wore them on the last day of High School. I can’t remember anything about that day. All I remember was how great those pants felt. For once, I felt like I fit in.

Moving along a few years, I actually buy my own clothes and discover how much I love, love, love blue jeans. I love denim. I love the feel the fabric the color and yes, I love the “I am wearing jeans and no one can do anything about it” feeling.

Over thirty some years, I have bought and worn to faded nothing, jean skirts, jean peddle pushers, a blue jean jacket, designer jeans, I have sewn with denim and have patterns to make your own “perfect fit” jeans. I dressed our boys in jeans, bought jeans for Mr. Right (I like him in Levi’s & he likes Lee.) One of the first outfits we bought a certain grand girlie was a jean jumper overall number with pink flowers sweetly embroidered all over it. Currently, my favorite “go to” jeans are a pair of Boyfriend jeans rolled up at the ankle with character. Read that as I paid for the jeans to come with holes already rubbed in! Crazy. I have taken in jeans, let out jeans, I have worn holes in jeans. I have removed pockets, added cute flower patches, replaced buttons and yes, my friend, I have even replaced zippers in favorite pairs of jeans over the years.

Over this past weekend, something happened to me in the Jean genre. I was in a dressing room trying on…yep, you guessed it another pair of jeans. I tried them on, took them off folded them up nicely. Dressed and then walked back out in the store and announced to the sales lady, customers and Mr. Right that they WERE TOO BIG, I WOULD NEED A SMALLER SIZE! A size I have not seen since the 80’s! It is a really good thing that they were super cute, because having to get that smaller size meant to the universe that I WAS BUYING them! I got butterflies in my stomach. I was just tickled to take out those dollars and pay for those beauties. I am still, three days later doing the happy dance.

Yes, I am going to have that beautiful song stuck in my mind all day long and then some. Yes Virgina, I am wearing jeans today.

I’d much rather be, forever in blue jeans.

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