If you know anything about Battleship (the game), you know how hard it is to get a
shot the first time out.

Last night was an epic game that will go down in history. Forever. Well at least until I loose my mind and then in the nursing home, I will still be talking about it.

It takes 18 shots to sink every ship of the opponents. It took me 22 to sink every single one.

Oh my stars. I almost still can’t really believe just how great a game it was.
It brings a tear to my eye. Just amazing.

I AM QUEEN of BATTLESHIP! At least last night I was, in my corner of the world.

Best Librarian ever!

Today was my first day back to our local library in about 2 1/2 months. Hip, Hip, Hooray!!

I do love the smell of a library. I love library books. I love the quiet and the possibilities of finding “the” perfect book. I love my library book bag. I love only checking out 20 at a time, so I can keep track. I love checking out my own books. However, I do miss those little cards in the back and having to take them to the main desk for the librarian to stamp.

I miss the card catalogs. I was always super duper careful for fear of dumping an entire drawer and then having to alphabetize every single card. I do love the computer system of today.

What a wonderful world we live in when you…….go back to the library after being gone for 77 days…. and the BEST Librarian in the world comes up and hugs you and says “It’s great to see you, we missed you!” Now, that is the kind of world I like living in.

I left today with a smile on my face. My “boyfriend” was carrying my stack of books and our wonderful, red & wild curly hair librarian said “see you next time”.

Yeah, I am a lucky girl and life is so good.

ps. I am writing a letter to the head honcho of all the libraries in the state of Washington to tell them what a GREAT employee they have. We are lucky to have her!

Hello Halloween

Hello Halloween!

This is something new for me. I don’t consider myself a huge Halloween fan.

Growing up October 31st was not only the “dress up” day it was also my mother’s birthday. Sitting at a grown up restaurant, trying to be still and hoping that we would not miss Trick or Treating was a big deal. Even though we did not have the word, I think we were three little girls consumed with stress.

Oh sure, over the years, I have sewed every costume known to man, woman or child. Once I hot glued so much popcorn to a box to make a “box of popcorn” that it took a week or more to recover from the blisters on my hands. I have made hundreds of home baked donuts. It seems I have rolled and wrapped thousands of popcorn balls. Over the years, I have made cupcakes galore. I have made home made taffy, bagged thousands of goodie bags. I have worked at so many school and church “harvest” carnivals that I would consider myself a professional booth worker.

While our boys were growing up, our home was decorated top to bottom. We had funny decorations and silly. Our entire family and sometimes friends, carved pumpkins every single year. Mr. Right has toasted tons of yummy pumpkin seeds. Once while living in Germany on a cacern, we passed out candy to over 350 goblins. We have pictures to prove that we made shocking orange tie dye jack o lantern T-shirts. Mr. Right has driven us to other neighborhoods and homes to view their spooky displays before the big day.

Several times over the years, my mother would visit our home during this holiday. Of course, I baked amazing Halloween Birthday cakes. One year it was a spider cake complete with pipe cleaners has 8 hairy legs, one year it was a pumpkin with a frosted 1/2 a banana as the pumpkin stem. That cake was huge!

Once son number two headed away for college, we were able to take a breath. That fall and the years since I transformed our home into a harvest wonderland. I used mums and kale and cabbage and gourds and pumpkins of all colors. Hay bales and corn stalks and wreaths adorned our front door and deck. Not a speck of Halloween could be found. Just the warmth and glow of Harvest time. I love, love, love autumn. We take drives to visit pumpkin patches, we have driven to see the changing leaves, heck one year, we flew to New England to be official “Leaf Peepers” during the season.

Enter grand girlie number one with a sibling on the way. My attitude is slightly different. I want her to have silly & happy memories of Halloween. I want her to remember visiting our home with sweet treats and goofy traditions.

So, I made funny, cheerful, happy, silly table runners for both families. We will send one to California and one will stay here in Washington at Grand girlie’s house. Of course we purchased some treats to go with the machine quilted table runners. Just looking at the wild colors makes me smile and feel silly.

I wonder if I should tell them that the fabric with the google eyes, glows in the dark? Maybe not, maybe they will just find that out for themselves one night when they get up for a drink of water in the middle of the night. 🙂


Do you feel it? There is a lightness and carefree feeling in the air.

Almost light as a feather or giddy like your stomach right before a huge drop
on a roller coaster. Just a little tickle that makes you smile.

Last night a little grand girlie that I know took her first steps. Yep, she is
moving towards all sorts of interesting things. Her parents have no idea how many
things she will be curious about. Just so darn happy for her.

Walking is such a big girl thing.

Over the weekend, we walked through a small town farmers’ market. It felt great to walk steady on my own moving forward. Trying to smooth out my gait, it takes me a
little longer than what is normal. It gives you back your freedom.

I walked right up to a booth and purchased some beautiful pink Fairy Wings. They are covered in jewels and glitter and have straps to put around your shoulders. I smiled the moment a saw them hanging there. I knew the perfect little person who would love these. I am thinking that they might have to be saved for when someone
becomes a big sister sometime in March. The wings seem like the perfect accessory to wear to meet your new sibling.

Happiness makes you feel so giddy that you are more than willing to change the dates of your anniversary cruise. Heaven knows we do not want to miss another little grand person entering our lives.

Yesterday’s happiness is son number one started back to college. Thursday’s happiness is Mr. Right first night in his college course of choice, studying the US Constitution.

This week so far, I was happy to vacuum. I was happy to make one dinner. I was happy to make laundry soap. I was happy to make the bed.

I wonder why it is frowned upon for adult “girls” to wear Fairy Wings? Seems like it would make a whole lot of people a whole lot happier?

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” A. Lincoln

Today, I choose happy.

my father

I remember my mother dressing up my sisters and I to go down to the docks to participate in the yearly “Blessing of the Fleet”. It was May and sometimes the morning temperature in the very most Northern part of Washington was not kind to little girls in dresses. We always stood in the same line, oldest to youngest. My father was no longer a fisherman, but they had many, many friends that were.

Last week when Son number one sent a picture of his first fish caught, it reminded me of my Dad. His smile, the twinkle in his eye, the feeling you got of accomplishment. The picture of me with my first fish is a black and white and I am about 5. Today it resides on Mr. Right’s desk at work.

My Dad, lost his father at the age 14. He had three sisters and a mom at home.
He had several jobs, however fishing was his favorite. I wonder now, if fishing was also a way to hang out with other fisherMEN?

He fished his way through Alaska to pay for his college. When he put on a suit and tie and got a white collar job, he fished for pleasure.

Yes, he had a boat. He loved fishing, period. He tied his own flies. He taught me how to do it. There was a book with black and white photos and directions on each. I loved tying those little knots and adding the piece of yarn here or there or the fancy poof of color. I liked looking at them all lined up in his fishing tackle box. He fished in Rivers and lakes and in the ocean. He went deep sea fishing and had a favorite “lucky” fishing hat. Read that as his old Army hat.

Unfortunately, he lost his favorite watch while bringing in a fish. He lost a sentimental lighter of his overboard. While we were camping once, he and a friend, sank a boat. Good news, he saved one thing, the “lucky” fishing hat.

After he spent all those years behind a desk as a Federal Parole Officer, he needed craved, really, the open sea. He went back to his passion. Fishing out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. He once again put on a survival suit. This time not for practice. He was the captain of a huge fishing vessel that went down. Fate was smiling on them that day, everyone was okay and the boat was recovered.

About eleven years ago, I sat in the front row of a dark and creepy funeral home. There were about 450 people there. Not everyone fit inside. My father was very well liked. I could hear my heart pounding. My legs were crossed at the ankles, my hands were folded politely so I would not fidget with my pearls. I can still smell the overly sweet pungent aroma of all the many gorgeous flower bouquets. One in particular was directly in front of me. It stood on the floor and was so large that as the decoration or “bow” if you will, was a full sized fishing pole in the arrangement.

As we stood in the receiving line in front of the room, my sisters and I stood oldest to youngest. Half the people we greeted and thanked were in business suits and were very polite and stern and said the right things and I noticed called us by our given names. The other half were fisherman and families. They hugged us and told a quick funny story or shared their sadness and they called us our childhood nick names. It was much easier to greet the proper business suit folks. The fishermen and families were more loving and kind, it was tough.

Now, as with many families, there were huge disagreements in the end. Sadly, and much to my dismay, I had to grow up and be an adult right then and there. With so much arguing and fighting etc….. I sternly made the final decision. Half of my father’s ashes would be buried and half would be given to the sea, as he wished. It was a very sad and depressing time. I made the right decision. He wanted his ashes at sea. However, something unexpected happened, the people that wanted him buried did so with a very stunning headstone. Engraved along with his name is a huge picture of a commercial fishing boat. Certainly a fitting tribute.

My father was well liked in both worlds that he lived in. However, he had a passion so strong for the fishing community that it carried him through his life and after.

I hope Son number one holds onto his new found passion. His passion will bring him stories and adventures to share. It will color his whole life with goodness.


In all the confusion of the last four weeks, some of
my jobs and Mr. Rights’s jobs have switched or changed hands.

Last week while shopping at the commissary, he got the coupons out
to hand over. He set the “famous” coupon binder aside.

Last night we went to make a quick trip to pick up a couple of things.
Alas, no binder. Not anywhere we looked. Heart sank.

We walked into the store, Mr. Right went to the office to see if there
was a lost and found.

Insert angels singing here…………………………………………

Hello red, fancy decorated, swirled paper covered coupon binder, I missed you.

We are back in business.

Here is to clear headed thinking in the month of September!