new to us

I went on Monday to sample the lunch menu.

Mr. Right and I went on Thursday night for dinner.

We went again on Saturday night. oh my, so good.

Tonight we treated son number one to dinner out while
the wife and darling baby were out of town.

So to sum up, new to us Sushi Restaurant, Happy Bento is
very, very happy and very, very good. We love it.
We love the people. They recognized us and as we were
leaving said, see you next time.

We love good Sushi. period. the end.

One thought on “new to us

  1. If you are ever in Carmel, California, you will have to do lunch, or dinner, at Sushi Heaven. Another wonderful little place, so worth the time. We were wishing we lived closer, but maybe three hours is not too long of a drive for good sushi. 🙂 PS. Skip the "Tuck Box" tea room (same little town), so not even worth the water that they served.

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