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Girlfriends can sometimes bring out the best in you. They raise the bar. Having lunch with a smart, funny and intelligent girlfriend makes you bring your A game. You don’t get to be lazy. You have to use all your saved up “fancy” words. You have to engage your brain. You have to be in the moment. Phone off, home phoned silenced…be in the moment.

You have to bring something to the table. The give and take is amazing. You have to volley that ball right back. If it has been a while since you have gotten to play, let me remind you, you have to get into the rhythm. Neither can interrupt too much, both have to hold back and then pounce with the next nugget of knowledge or great idea. It is a beautiful dance. The conversation in and of itself makes you a better person.

However, during this volley of conversation, you let other things slide. While hosting a very nice lunch yesterday, I served coffee. Since I know my friend takes cream with her coffee, you would think I would put out a creamer.

Now, don’t feel bad for me or start some type of telethon to send creamers to me. Last night I got up around 3 in the morning and COUNTED. I found 22 and that was just in a blurry state of frustration. I have crystal ones, I have stoneware and pottery creamers. I actually have a collection of white, china, animal shaped creamers, oh yes and one jaunty lime green cow creamer.

I ask you, did I use ONE of them. Sadly the answer is NO. Apparently, I was so caught up in the conversation, the lunch, the happiness of sharing lunch, what ever it was, I just poured cream out of the cardboard container from the refrigerator. Really? That doesn’t even sound like me. I am not sure why I did this.

I can’t stop thinking about it. I want to send her pictures of all of my creamers. I want to invite her back just to serve coffee. Oh heck, I want to get out Mr. Rights’s family silver service, polish it and serve coffee, tea, cream and sugar, just so she knows I have good manners and actually know how to use said manners and said creamer. drats. I feel like I let myself and friend down.

Or maybe just maybe, enjoying every moment with a friend far outweighed me stopping to pick out the “right” creamer? Maybe it will “force” me to invite her over again soon and serve coffee and a wonderful dessert just to visit with her (oh yes, and use a creamer)?

Maybe, I should give myself a little grace? Maybe, I should thank my lucky stars that I have a friend that is okay with cream from a cardboard container?

Oh yeah, that’s me, somehow I forgot the important part, I am one lucky girl.

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