Creepy yet good Halloween news you can use

Yesterday, Mr. Right brought home a shiny new pin. Yep, he earned it.

It was his one GALLON pin for donating blood in King County. So get out your calculators, visors, lick the end of your pencil and add this up….. ……………

12 GALLONS total in other states
+ ONE GALLON in Washington
= 13 GALLONS of donated blood.

Speaking as a recipient of a blood transfusion, I am one grateful, thankful & lucky girl.

A HUGE Congratulations to a very good man.

I chose wisely. 🙂

ps. Someone is getting the special day plate. Let the celebration begin!

One thought on “Creepy yet good Halloween news you can use

  1. I have been the recipient of donated blood many moons ago. I also know that our friend Mr A. just received 2 pints, so I want to thank Mr Right for helping to refill the tank. (granted we are in a different state but it all helps where it is needed.) The "You are special" plate is well deserved.

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