Tuesday’s Treats

Still playing with the idea of having one day a week that I showcase something. How about treats or goodies or recipes?

Today I am going with Tuesday’s Treats, two kinds.

First up, the granola bar. With all the research we have put into eating better and making better healthier choices, of course we “needed” a good solid homemade version. Mr. Right wanted something without all the extras included. No to chocolate chips, no to almonds, no to walnuts, no to cranberries, pretty much a big fat no to all the things that I look for. ha. Saying yes to ingredients like, oats and flour and vanilla, honey, butter and coconut were easy.

I wrap them individually, then put them into a freezer zip-Lock bag for storage. Mr. Right takes to work, one or two for his morning break. So far two thumbs up. Actually today, I got a note via e-mail saying they were my best ever. Pretty high praise.

Next up for Tuesday’s treats….. meals for the dog. Sweet Liberty Wilson, aka “Libby”. I am guessing that everyone I know that has a dog living with them, bought a brand new refrigerator to use just for dog treats, dog meals (oh yes, and extra fruits and veggies and a bottle or two of orange cream soda and some cider)? Well sure. We make up 14 days worth of meals at a time. We make 14 dinners and 14 breakfasts. Thought I would share just what the little freezer looks like when the meals are all done and waiting in line. Each meal contains, meatloaf, chicken, veggies, 1 cup of chicken broth and lots of other goodness. I will gladly share our recipe and how we put it all together if you ask.

We started making our own meals back in 2006. The whole mess with the dried dog food from China was ugly and sounded bad. Yesterday, yes yesterday, 5+ years later, a 24 million dollar lawsuit was settled. Each family who had a pet dye because of the tainted dog food was given $600.00. Yup, after all the lawyers were paid each grieving family received a drop in the bucket compared to the actual cost of their veterinary bills incurred, not to mention their broken hearts when they lost their companion.

Yes, we made a good choice. We choose to have a wonderful companion live with us. We choose to make her food. We choose to make her biscuits. In return she is a happy and healthy pooch. She is a great watch dog and faithful like no other. She gets to run and have really long walks on the weekend when Mr. Right walks her. For now, she is polite enough to walk the mile a day, slowly with me. She doddle’s and sniffs and gives you the impression that she loves to walk slow. I know for a fact, she likes to tear around on the beach and jump and frolic and go fast then slow and walk in all kinds of crazy patterns. Dogs are not our whole lives, however, they make our lives whole.

Okay, we gave Tuesday’s Treats a try. I am sort of liking the idea. Not thrilled with the title. I might have to think some more on that.

I am working on the menu for a dinner party this weekend. White Chocolate Raspberry Trifle is on the list for dessert. Think I might have to take pictures to share next Tuesday. I am already thinking it will be divine.

The fondest memories are made gathered around the table.