While having lunch with a girlfriend a few weeks back, we meandered through a few shops in a local small town. Me with my bright idea of “getting into” Halloween. Didn’t buy a thing. We did happen upon these really lovely blocks of wood with painted letters on them. They caught my eye. I thought you could decorate with them sideways as well as up and down.

One of the nice things that comes with having a friend for over 35 years is that you sort of have this esp thing going on. You somehow know when to send a card. You just have a feeling & know when to bake cookies to share. It really kicks into high gear when you flip something over at a gift shop and you don’t even look at each other. Your brain is SCREAMING $64.00 for three pieces of wood with a bit of paint! Oh dear. You both tumble out of the shop, laughing and smirking and then roar with laughter when you both say at the same time, sixty four dollars??? yeah, right.

Here’s the thing about having a girl friend, when you have a poopy week because Mr. Right is gone on business, she just “happens” to want to meet for coffee. She just “happens” to have a handmade gift in the car when you hug to leave.

Yep, you already saw the end of the story coming. She went home and bought the wood and painted the letters we saw in the gift shop. Because we are friends, I KNOW she didn’t pay more than $5.00. Which makes me super happy. She gave of her time and talent and her gift of art that is beyond priceless to me.

I now have Halloween up in my home. It is fun and sparkly and happy.

The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious.