for me?

Quick, right now stop and describe your spouse. The clothes he is wearing, the shoes. Baseball hat or not, wearing a watch or not? Sure we would like to think that we would notice if they had a new scar across their face or a different hair style. If the police came to my home with a police sketch artist and said describe what your husband was wearing when you picked him up from the airport on Friday night. tick, tock, tick, tock………..Jeopardy music is playing…dum…dee…dum…….tick, tock.

OKAY. I can’t.

You want to know why?

I got the call. You know the one, sitting in the cell phone lot at the airport, waiting for the call. My phone rang, it was him. woohoo, I got the call. I started the engine, pulled out into traffic, drove up to the arrival terminal, looked for the airline sign, eased over four lanes, watched for crazy taxi drivers, people hugging, people waving, yelling…..lots of friendly shouts. Quick stops and starts….looking for Mr. Right.

I glanced over and saw a figure that sure looked like him. However, all I could focus on was the frosted bag with handles that he held in his left hand. Sure there was black luggage and a dress bag and lap top bag (I guess). I only had eyes for that frosted bag with a tin inside. Ah, the gold and blue striped tin. My heart fluttered. Oh my, was it what I thought it was? I hope. I hope. I hope.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the trinkets and hotel soaps and potions and t-shirts from all the places he travels…..just this time…he was coming in from Chicago……..could it be……….please, please, please.

Sure, sure, quick kiss…he hands it over. I hear music, heavenly music.

Okay, first I love that he carried it through the airport(s) and made it on the plane and put it in the overhead bin and had to talk with lots of people about their opinions about it. “Did you know it was on Oprah’s favorite things list?” No he didn’t. Yes, I did. He does now. ha

Second, I really love and appreciate that while on a business trip, the owner of the business drove him downtown Chicago, dropped him off and then circled around and double parked so that Mr. Right could buy a present of pure goodness for his wife. Who said business men were not soft and sweet and thoughtful?

Third, that Mr. Right somehow with everything on his mind remembered that I said I had always wanted to try it. Yep, “the” mix. I am talking about the Chicago mix. It is half cheese popcorn and half caramel corn. The smell is intoxicating and makes your mouth water. The taste, oh the taste. Just divine. Pure goodness in a tin. The tin even has a metal handle. There is a little paper piece that lines the inside lid. Tells you of the goodness.

I sat in the front seat of our car as he pulled away from the curb. I managed to open the taped seal. I opened the lid. I took a deep breath. I took one perfect piece. I slowly put it into my mouth. It was everything I thought it would be and more. It was crisp and bursting with flavor.

Oh, I just love it when Mr. Right comes home. It doesn’t matter if it is just our garage door opening and him driving in from work. Or if he is home from a quick trip to the grocery store. I just melt a little bit more when he arrives at Sea/Tac International Airport after being gone on business. Especially when he comes bearing goodies from far away lands.

Have I mentioned lately that popcorn, in all it’s glory, is my favorite all time food?

Have I mentioned lately that I am one lucky girl?

Love might be blind, however, this girls’ obsession with popcorn, comes with crystal clear vision, at least when it comes to spotting blue and gold striped tins.

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