baby it’s cold outside

Just home from a spin around the neighborhood with Mr. Right.

Since coming home in August with a new knee, lots of things have changed for the better. Only a couple things have changed for the slightly less better.

cold. The titanium in my knee seems to conduct cold and with the position into the bone, sends a chill down and up my leg. So much so, that I get the shivers and have to turn the heat on high.

With the heat on high, the poor driver is in a t-shirt and over heated. He sticks his head out the window every 15 minutes or so.

Solution. It came in the mail today.

Gorgeous Red Plaid, electric blanket for use in the car. It works PERFECTLY. It kept my leg and the rest of me warm and toasty. Oh my goodness. Where has this been all my life? I really, really love it.

Have I mentioned lately, that I am one lucky girl?