Hello December

Little Miss Grandgirlie is having her Christmas photograph done tomorrow. Her ingenious mom has wisely chosen two adorable outfits. It is a wise mom who has a back up in case something …um….happens. Or maybe she will be perfect and be a miniature model and change outfits halfway through the sitting, just because?

The proof I have of going to see Santa each year is in a slim album I put together as the tradition unfolded and each of my sisters was added to the pictures.

It was a huge deal. The months before my mother would decide “the” outfit or “the” coat that would be worn. My grandmother always accompanied my mother and the girls.
She was the coat holder, the enforcer. My mother was the hair fixer, the clothes straightener, the person who always reminded us none to gently about having good posture and behaving like a lady. We were schooled as to a couple of choices as what to ask Santa for. Nothing too expensive (he had a lot of toys to give to all the children) nothing goofy, nothing silly…..a doll would probably be the best thing to ask for.

Fredrick and Nelson, downtown Seattle, Washington. period. For those who know Seattle well, I don’t have to go into detail. For those unfamiliar with the Fredrick and Nelson “way”. Let me just say a few words, stuffy, proper, decorated elegantly, soft music playing in the background. My mother and grandmother were always a twitter about the decor. Each year something different and stylish. You notice I did not use words like fun or happy or cheerful or child friendly? enough said about that.

Our manners were polished to a high shine the week before. We were to behave. I noticed while looking through the yearly pictures, even when my youngest sister was a baby and was on Santa’s lap SCREAMING and CRYING, my other sister and I were smiling sweetly into the camera, with good posture and pleasant attitudes. It was expected.

Yes, we each received a small wrapped candy cane from Santa as we left. We never got to open or even think about eating the candy until we got home. Usually saved for dessert after a proper dinner. “A lady would never eat candy in a store”. Just the other day, I saw a gal drinking a latte, eating what appeared to be a scone, walking and shopping all at the same time. I hate to agree with my mother, however on this topic, she was right, it was not a good thing.

As we welcome the month of December, let the traditions unfold with grace and harmony. Why just last night when picking up our photographs for our cards, the sales gal shook my outstretched hand and said simply “Merry Christmas”.

Looks like tradition is sneaking back into our lives?

May the season be Merry and Bright. May we all remember to treat each other with kindness and grace.