Usually when we host a dinner party, small or large, I print a question or two on the back of the place cards or put the note under the bread plate. That way during the meal, when the time is right, I ask a question and everyone gets a turn answering then they ask theirs. Ta da, instant conversation and sharing. Works every time.

Last dinner party one question raised, what do you want for Christmas? Another
question was name one thing on your “bucket list”.

I always have one question in the back of my mind that I want to ask, but wisely choose not to bring it up. The question is: No matter your age today, no matter your bills and life and circumstances, What job would you like to be doing?

Pilot. No question about it. I would be a pilot. When I was a very young adult deciding my path, it was still frowned upon if a girl didn’t choose nurse, teacher, window designer, doctor, lawyer….. you get the idea. My parents had no intention of supporting an idea like a girl being a pilot.

While in High School I was sweet on a particular tall (loved that) guy. Sure he could dazzle me with his smile and his singing talent and sweet talk, however, I was over the moon fascinated that he was interested in airplanes. He had models in his bedroom. Yep, I got to in there and was thrilled to see the HUMONGOUS picture of the nose view of an airplane. He was interested in getting his pilots license. No, I never talked to him about my secret passion. (Good girls would never want to talk about being a pilot.) Oh, I wanted to talk and talk and talk about it. I was pretty sure I was in “love” with him. Now, I look back and I KNOW I was in LOVE with his passion for flight. Years later, yes, I am still in LOVE with his passion for powerful guns his Harley Davidson bike and fast car. Actually, I am beginning to realize that I am genuinely happy for someone who has passion about anything. That might be “the” answer. I will be forever grateful for his interest in flight, he doesn’t know it, however he encouraged my dream. That’s it, one word, passion.

On my birthday a few years back, Mr. Right gave me a gift, my first flying lesson. It was a rush! It was a big fantastic feeling in my stomach. I could not stop smiling. Heck, I am smiling now as I type! The feeling was so great and happy and lived up to everything I had dreamed about. I have a photograph taped up inside one of my kitchen cupboards of me in the airplane. I smile every single time I look at it. I hope I don’t loose that memory long after I move into the nursing home. I felt powerful and free and happy and giddy all rolled into one. I have my hand raised, if by some weird quirk of the universe happens and we get to come back and do it all over again, I will be a pilot.

While our family was together at Thanksgiving, I did not make question cards for the table. There is hardly a moment of quiet while we are all gathered around for the meal. The need to “teach” graceful conversation has long past. They are more than capable. The young ones, especially the girls would not understand what I mean when I say “girls were not encouraged to step out of traditional girl choices”. Around our family we have a girl who is a banker, and a girl who is a chef. We have one boy who is a business owner and one boy who is a Graphic Desiner. None of them would understand the question “what would you be if you could”. They are doing what they want. They are each living their chosen passion.

I have decided to start a savings account, a little each month. Someday, I am going to leave behind a scholarship for a girl who would like to study at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I am going to help pay for someones’ passion.

My stomach is doing a little happy dance. I love this idea. I am proud of myself for coming up with this.

embrace your dreams with passion.

2 thoughts on “passion

  1. I love this idea!!! And for the record…I think after wanting to be a teacher…sit down before I tell you what I wanted to be/do…I wanted to be a truck driver. It really wasn't the truck driver part of it that I wanted to be as much as I wanted to be a traveler. I wanted to see new things. I thought truck drivers had the best job because they were always traveling, seeing new things. That is what I want to do now. :)o

  2. Talk about them not understanding! Good grief! Try and tell ANYONE that all you ever wanted to be was a wife and mother! The young ones wont believe you, they will think you just didn’t think "outside the box" Your peers, will think you took the lazy way or what ever derogatory thing they can think of. Oh, not your point… just my comment I guess:)

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