Life happens, even in December

Our beautiful tree is up on the deck. Fresh and decorated with white twinkle lights.

Saturday, Mr. Right, helped friends, cut and bring home a fresh, heavenly smelling lovely tree. All set up and ready to go.

Saturday afternoon, up went our tree in our home. Oh it made our home smell wonderful. It was spectacular. Oh, did I just say “was”? um, why yes Virginia, I did indeed say “was”.

It seemed to loose quite a few needles. Okay, let’s let it sit and rest and get used to being indoors. Let’s go out to Sushi. yum. Sushi, now that is fun and delicious.

Home. Tree still smelling wonderful. Looking great. Um, there seems to be more needles? Okay, let’s leave it alone and it can sit over night.

Good morning. LOVE the smell of evergreen! Hurry around here on Sunday morning. Oops no time now, going out for a wonderful birthday lunch.

Home again. Okay, time to tackle the tree. Oh dear me. So many needles on the carpet, I felt a bit sorry for my LOVED Dyson vacuum cleaner. I SCOOPED up, yes, scooped up with my hands several piles of needles before vacuuming.

A fireman’s worst nightmare was in the corner of our family room.

Grown up decision. Take it out.

Mr. Right carried it back outside and THREW it on the other side of the deck. It is still laying there actually in all it’s Christmas wonderment.

Enter stage left, old standby, 20+ something year old artificial tree. It is up, and straight and covered in white lights and has an angel plopped on top with a tree skirt lovingly wrapped around her base. Sure she lost a couple of needles, who wouldn’t be a bit on the older side? She’s a good little tree.

Tonight over 450 decorations get put on her. So many in fact. You can hardly see the green of the tree.

That my friends is some of the joy of Christmas all wrapped up in one blog.

“The best way to spread cheer,
is singing loud for all to hear.”
Buddy the elf