So wrong

I like buying toys for Toys for Tots. I like picking out the perfect (well to me)
Barbie. Last year was the beautiful and dreamy Mermaid Barbie. This year I chose wisely, the Ballerina Barbie. A vision in pink. Just lovely.

Play dough. Love it. Bought it, several, well millions of times. Our boys loved it. Actually, I am quite sure that if I pulled out a cookie sheet for each of them and plopped down the little containers of magic and let them go at it….even 29 and 26 year old “boys” we be entertained for a hour or so. LOVE that.

This year I bought something called the “Fun Factory”. You can force the play dough through the different shapes and form long strands of happiness! There was even a fancy bake set. Bake and create set. You get to make cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles! So much joy in one box.

Then….I saw it. We were walking swiftly through a local big box store. Urgh, the people, the mess, the grumpy attitudes…… I was looking and saw a play dough display. They “had” me. I had to stop and see if I needed something more for my donation.

WHAT is THAT??????????????????????????? WRONG, WRONG, WRONG on SO MANY levels! Just plain wrong and stupid and disturbing and sad. NO child wants to open the DREADED ……………………….DRILL & FILL “fun”???? play dough set on Christmas morning. Who thought that was a “good” idea? BOO HISS.

I want to go on and on and on………….BOO HISS again. Mean spirited. AWFUL. NOT RIGHT. NOT FUN. NOT HAPPY.

The Grinch lives! BOO HISS