notes of grace

The cards, notes and pictures are coming in fast and furious. We have run out of space in our usual display area. We have started taping them up to a door. I really, really love receiving and giving Christmas cards.

I am ashamed of all of my grumbling while I was trying to get all of ours done and mailed out this year. I take it all back. It is wonderful, just simply happy and joyful to receive so many lovely and heartfelt cards. We love learning about every one’s events over the last year.

When the boys were young we started a tradition that each day after Christmas, we would choose four cards at random. We would include those families in our prayers and we would read the cards out loud and talk about & reminisce about each family.
The tradition continues. We always choose our favorite card of the year. We enjoy looking at the pictures. We re-read the Christmas letters. It gently reminds us how lucky we are to have so many nice folks in our lives.

This year so far we have learned about:

four anticipated grand babies on the way
picture of a two month old grand baby
graduation from 6th grade
graduation from college
one young person bought their first home
continued prison ministry
graduation from WSP in March
sports accomplishments
piano lessons
karate lessons
dance lessons
two brand new engaged couples
two with wedding pictures
travels to:
the Grand Canyon
Hearst Castle
beach, more beach and yet more beach

This year the cards we have received more than ever before have pictures of doves. Lots of glitter and blue, silver & white this year. Oh sure there is the purple and gold of the local team as well as an amazing glitter covered Joshua Tree. Many have the manger, simple and meaningful. Stars, stars and more stars grace the cover of several cards.

We joke and grumble about including a letter in our cards, however, we sure enjoy receiving them. We love getting caught up on all the news that is the news. It makes me happy and grateful that friends and neighbors want to share the good news in their lives.

Sure there are some that shared sad or disappointing news. Stories of not tip top
health, sad losses and frustration job changes & uncertainty. To counter that, almost every single written letter said they were praying for our troops and military. Almost every single letter said they were thinking of us and praying for our family. Every single card and letter wished us a happy and healthy New Year.

With this many people sharing positive thoughts and uplifting prayers, how can we not have a wonderful New Year?

With each card we open a little bit of goodness falls out and graces us each with the true spirit of the season.

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. ~goethe